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Freedom Socialist $100,000 Fund Drive

Graphic: Marcel Potosi
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If ever there was a time for a newspaper that delivers accurate news, informed analysis, and revolutionary optimism, it’s now.

The public was already disgusted with the billionaires who control the mainstream media. Now, as the coronavirus crisis unfolds with a racist, sexist, callous know-nothing in the White House, the need for truth-telling, working-class partisanship, and bold solutions is more extreme than ever.

That’s why the Freedom Socialist is launching a $100,000 fund drive this spring and asking for your help to survive and thrive.

It’s no secret that printed newspapers are in huge decline. Over the last 15 years, 2,100 papers have shut down. But, thanks in large part to readers’ generosity, not the Freedom Socialist! The FS has a proud 44-year history of confronting the profit system’s relentless high crimes and misdemeanors against workers and oppressed people. FS articles report the working-class fightbacks and celebrate the rousing victories that much of the press ignores.

As long-time subscriber and intrepid union member David Mascarenas puts it, “Your paper isn’t afraid to take a stand on controversial issues and stand up for working people.” He adds, “The major newspapers have lost all their independence. I read the Freedom Socialist from front to back, and pass it along to others. I’m getting my money’s worth!”

The FS explains why collaboration among leftists is key to defeating fascist attempts to stage a comeback; defends political prisoners like Ramsey Orta, still behind bars in New York after videoing the police murder of Eric Garner; and reports on upsurges from the Middle East and North Africa to Australia, India, Latin America, and all points in between.

In print, online, and by audio, this paper comes out every other month with a core staff of just five people in Seattle, four of whom volunteer their time. The journalists around the world who write the stories are front-line activists and rank-and-file unionists, deeply involved in defending immigrant and all human rights while combating homelessness, police brutality, the far right, climate destruction, and all the poisonous byproducts of capitalism.

To carry on, the FS urgently needs to replace aging computers and software while paying normal expenses such as printing and mailing costs and wages for our one paid staff member. The paper is nonprofit, carries no corporate advertising, and (surprise) gets no money from the government. Subscriptions and individual copies sell below actual cost so low-income readers can afford them. Prisoners, who have used the paper as the basis for study groups, get it free.

So here’s your chance to help keep radical journalism alive! Any amount will be greatly appreciated and used with care. You can visit our donation page to contribute. And please get in touch through the website or by calling 206-985-4621 if you would like to help raise money during this drive.

Thank you for reading, and thank you for giving!

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