Resistance lives in Russia

“Demobilization” — Wives and mothers of Russian soldiers call for them to come home in a December 2023 video. PHOTO: Put Domoy
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Women in Russia are making remarkable public shows of protest against Putin’s war.

“I’m scared that I might never see my husband again,” Maria Andreeva explains to an online audience on why she organizes women with relatives who have been drafted to fight in Ukraine with no relief or end in sight.

As much as autocrat Putin tries to stomp out dissent, Russians are bravely standing up for what they believe. And thanks to the internet, news of their courage has gone out globally.

Across the nation, thousands defied warnings and publicly mourned the death of Alexei Navalny, Putin’s chief critic who died suspiciously in an arctic prison in February. During his funeral, some chanted against the Ukraine war. Four hundred have been arrested for things as simple as placing flowers on a memorial or holding protest signs.

In the Urals in January, ethnic Bashkirs
dared gather en masse when an Indigenous activist was sentenced to a penal colony. Bashkir soldiers serving in Ukraine threatened online to go after Putin if he didn’t stop throwing their people in prison.

Such examples of courage in the face of tyranny are inspiring!

These Russians and Indigenous fighters are defiant. May their embers of dissent turn into roaring flames.

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