Robin Hood program for working-class survival

Take from the rich and the Pentagon to give to those hit hard by economic blows

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No free ride for the wealthy. No “stimulus” for billionaires. Rescind the 2020 bailouts of big business. Open corporate books. • No pandemic-related profiteering. Expropriate Big Pharma and private banks; create one national public bank. • Repeal tax cuts for the rich. Replace regressive taxes with corporate taxes and a steeply graduated income tax.

Prioritize health. Create a national public health system, controlled by workers, to provide free, quality care to all, regardless of immigration status. • Use the full power of the government to accelerate Covid vaccine production and access for all.

Create full employment. Reduce hours of work without cutting pay and launch a multimillion-person public jobs and training program used to combat the pandemic and benefit the environment. • Educate, employ and empower Black youth. Create a pipeline to jobs, not jails. • Expand unemployment insurance until full employment is reached.

Safety and fairness for workers. Require employers to provide virus protection, with hazard pay for frontline workers. • Make equal pay real and reintroduce affirmative action. • Boost the federal minimum wage to a generous standard, with automatic cost-of-living hikes.

Help those in need. Prioritize economic aid for people without shelter, immigrants, people of color including Native communities, women, and LGBTQ+ people. • Cancel student debt. Suspend debt payments for working-class consumers and small businesses. Immediate cash for struggling small businesses and family farms. • Free, nutritious food aid for low-income households. • Cancel rent and mortgage payments for those who need this. Provide assistance for “mom and pop” landlords as necessary. No evictions, no foreclosures, no homeless sweeps. Expand public housing. Shelter for all.

Support children and seniors. Establish free, quality, 24-hour childcare and expand home healthcare, with increased wages and essential pandemic protections for providers. Offer free laptops, home Wi-Fi, and lunch programs for students whose schools are closed or operating remotely. • Restore and enlarge Aid to Families with Dependent Children and social services for the elderly and people with disabilities. • Raise Social Security benefits to cover actual living costs.

Protect civil rights and end state violence. Fully observe voting rights and the rights of strikers, union organizers, and protesters. • Dismantle the Pentagon and slash police budgets. Close overseas military bases and end all foreign military aid.

Extend international solidarity. Collaborate internationally on Covid research and treatment without profit-based competition. • Cancel foreign debt owed by poorer countries. Provide U.S. food aid and medical supplies to countries in need. End U.S. sanctions against other nations. Open the borders.

Create working-class united fronts. Develop democratic alliances with working-class leadership and programs to defeat the ultra-right onslaught and threat of fascism and to win survival reforms.

Build for socialism. Eliminate the profit motive underlying devastation of the planet and systemic sexism, racism, homophobia, transphobia, and xenophobia. Fight for a socialist world in which workers run society and human needs drive the production and distribution of goods and services. Shared abundance for all!

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