Take that, Amazon! Sawant wins again

Kshama Sawant speaking at a podium underneath a banner that reads
PHOTO: Seattle City Council [public domain]
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Well, it’s true. Money can’t buy everything. (Yet, anyway.) Just ask Amazon. Its gazillion-dollar power failed to buy Seattle’s November 5 City Council election. Cause for celebration!

Amazon poured $1.45 million into Seattle’s Chamber of Commerce campaign to defeat progressive candidates. Especially targeted was Kshama Sawant of Socialist Alternative, first elected in 2013.

Unintimidated and thoroughly disgusted, Seattle voters said, “Hell no!” to red-baiting and billionaires, and defeated five of the seven Amazon-backed candidates! Obviously, Seattle voters didn’t panic at the word “socialist” and are unsympathetic to the complaints of those little ole capitalists. The likes of Jeff Bezos will end up paying much higher taxes if the new council members remember their electoral mandate.

Sawant has pledged to tax big corporations to help fund homeless services and public housing.

And to tackle Washington state’s rent control prohibitions and its miserably regressive tax structure. For these worthy goals to be achieved, what’s needed is a militant, mass, democratic movement — one that includes socialist groups working together more collaboratively than they have in the past. (Ahem, Kshama.)

Tax the rich and giant business!

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