The Advocate, gay rights magazine, fawning over Pope Francis

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Excerpted from Windy City Times, Jan. 8, 2014.

The Advocate named Pope Francis (formerly Buenos Aires archbishop Jorge Mario Bergoglio) its “Person of the Year.” Maybe the cover was meant for an April Fool’s edition, as writer Kim Flowers suggested (Windy City Times, 12/25/13).

In his native Argentina, Bergoglio vigorously opposed marriage equality, saying among other things that same-sex marriage was spawned by the “father of lies,” a reference to a supposed devil.

The pope was reportedly “shocked” that the government of Malta might approve adoption by same-sex couples, and urged a bishop on the island nation to condemn such adoptions.

In Melbourne, Australia, Catholic priest Greg Reynolds was defrocked and excommunicated by Pope Francis for advocating for the ordination of women and gay marriage.

We should reject the notion that someone who can rescind the church’s stance on gay sex and the ordination of women, and chooses not to do so, is a figure worthy of admiration.

The fawning over Pope Francis demonstrates something profoundly disturbing: in the struggle for a better world, women’s and LGBT rights are still not taken seriously.

Bob Schwartz, Gay Liberation Network, Chicago

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