Why I joined the FSP

The comradeship is real

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From a young age, I have had a very socialistic view of the world, but lacked an organizational vehicle to fully solidify my politics and carry them into action with direction and purpose — until I joined the Freedom Socialist Party (FSP).

It was at City College of San Francisco that I began to get involved in organized socialist activity. I heard that the International Socialist Organization (ISO) was having a meeting on campus, so I eagerly jumped on it, and ended up attending several meetings. But my impression was mixed at best.

While I liked being part of an organized group working toward socialist revolution, I also had a strong feeling that the ISO was not for me. It seemed like just another student group with an overly academic approach that lacked the relevance and authenticity that only seasoned adult labor experience can impart. I had to find a different group with a more mature, truly working-class, diverse makeup.

After transferring from CCSF to University of California, Berkeley, my socialist politics crystallized further. Much of this was because my major department at Berkeley — Human Geography — is significantly influenced by Marxist theory. I gained a rich internationalist worldview as I reached another level of political advancement. But still, I lacked a party to call home.

After graduating at the worst possible time in the pit of an economic recession, I had a very hard time finding steady work. The brunt of capitalism’s failure hit me as I struggled to gain a foothold in adult life.

Finding a political home. A few years later, after I finally started my career as a teacher, my coworker Norma introduced me to the Freedom Socialist Party. She took me to a fun social event called the Feisty Feminist Fundraiser. I had an awesomely good time and I instantly loved the people I met! Starting with those casual political discussions that first night, it quickly became clear that I had arrived home. The FSP was for me.

As I learned about the FSP’s political program and watched the party in action, it struck me how grounded it is in the Marxist method of objective material analysis. The party stays true to the treatment of revolutionary movement building as a science. It is unshakably principled. The core aspects of the FSP’s program, such as socialist feminism and revolutionary integration, are clearly the most correct positions. The party’s combination of militancy, good sense, wisdom and maturity is impeccable. The deep experience of the senior members really shows in both thought and action.

So when it was proposed that I join the party, I accepted without hesitation, and I soon became a member. I have never looked back since.

Professional and collaborative. I have always been thoroughly impressed by the FSP’s dedication to discipline, thoughtfulness, and professionalism. Decisions are guided by honest analysis and principle, not petty emotions or glory-hunting. Everything we do has a sound policy and plan.

There is no better place to learn and apply various organizing skills the right way. The FSP has made me better not only as a revolutionary, but as a person; I am more grounded and sure-footed in everything I do.

The FSP also taught me the true meaning of comradeship as a very special kind of relationship. We all work together very well as a collective body — we don’t allow egos to get in the way, and we hold each other accountable in a comradely manner. We cooperate and collaborate and we treat each other with the utmost dignity, respect, and solidarity, even when things are tough. I’ve recruited my girlfriend and another friend to the FSP — being comrades has greatly fortified those personal relationships as we work together for a better world.

I know I can absolutely trust my comrades all the way. I had never felt such strong and meaningful bonds before joining the Freedom Socialist Party. These are the bonds I intend to cherish for life.

Sam Rubin can be contacted at samjprubin@gmail.com.

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