The First Three Months of Life

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With this issue of our paper, the Freedom Socialist Party is scarcely three months old. Without patting ourselves on the back, we can feel proud of what we did accomplish — including surviving these last hectic ninety days.

At the time of the founding of FSP, we held a Press Conference and a few weeks later we staged a very successful inaugural banquet.

We participated in the peace demonstrations at Blaine in August, where we sold 150 copies of the first issue of the Freedom Socialist.

We have sponsored a fairly regular series of Saturday Night Forums at Freeway Hall on such topics as the anti-war movement, public brutality, developments in China, the current election campaign, the economics of imperialism, etc. All of the forums are preceded by excellent dinners and followed by socials.

Dick Fraser and Clara Kaye recently completed teaching a summer session of classes lasting 12 weeks on American History and Marx’s Capitol. The classes were sponsored by the Independent Socialist Union.

At present, five FSPers are involved in teaching or coordinating classes at the Free University of Seattle.

Krasnowsky continues his political commentary on alternate Friday nights on KRAB-FM.

Several of us are regularly active in the work of the Seattle Committee to End the War in Vietnam, and most of us were involved in the extended attempt to persuade the authors of the Peace & Freedom Party to strike out boldly for once on the road of principled independent politics.

Two of our leading members have been featured speakers at meetings for the Grass Roots Forum, a central area “anti-poverty” arena for discussing poverty and civil rights.

Coming up soon is a program on KCTS-TV, Channel 9, on Black Power, in which Waymon Ware will participate. The panel includes prominent local Negro leaders. Tune in on Tuesday, Nove 22, at 7:30 p.m.

Our literature and periodical department is becoming much better stocked and sales of radical literature are proceeding briskly. We will soon have on sale the publications of all the major radical parties and tendencies, as well as key Marxist and Trotskyist workers.

Oour headquarters are being improved, regularly weekly membership and bi-monthly executive committee meetings are held, and Comrade Jack Wright has written a personal history of the radical tradition in the Pacific Northwest as he lived it and observed it!

Our Civil Rights & Labor committee has worked diligently to evolve a transitional program of demands suitable for political work in this area, and we will publish their findings shortly.

We have held intensive discussion meetings on such topics as the problems of the Chinese Revolution and present currents in the Negro struggle.

And we are engaged in a program of printing the basic documents of the party.

All this — and sign painting, picketing, floorwashing, mimeographing, etc. etc. etc. We want to do much more, of course, and with help, luck and an upsurge in the class struggle, we confidently expect we will!

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