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Freedom Socialist launches subscription drive

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The “voice of revolutionary feminism” is pressing outward! Our goal: to go new places and reach more unionists, organizers, and rabble-rousers with news, analysis, and help for people engaged in struggles.

To make this happen the Freedom Socialist (FS) is offering special half-price deals on annual subscriptions, available for both new and current subscribers until November 14.

Why take advantage? Because the FS, along with our Australian partner the Freedom Socialist Organiser, is by and for the exploited and abused majority. Our up-front revolutionary feminism, working-class identity, focus on racial justice, advocacy for LGBTQ+ demands, and defense of immigrant rights shine brightly on every page.

FS writers are activists, not armchair critics. Online and in print, it’s people with skin in the game who report on and dissect U.S. and global news.

In this issue, the cover article offers ideas about how to push a pro-labor agenda. A Voices of Color column examines why people of color join the racist ultraright. Another piece reports on women internationally who have taken up arms to survive.

Press coverage not tainted by big-money interests has become a rare and valuable commodity. With no paid advertisers to appease, the FS provides just that. So, if you don’t have a subscription, grab one, and make your escape from corporate news!

Between now and Nov. 14, highly motivated sellers from New York to Los Angeles and Melbourne will be phoning, posting, and knocking on doors to bring in hundreds of new regular readers.

Subscriptions are 50% off, so for only $5 you can get a one-year subscription of six issues. Or you can double your savings with a two-year sign-up for $10.

A subscription to the FS is also a worthy gift for friends, family and colleagues on the job or in the movements. Circulating the Freedom Socialist more widely will support efforts to organize against abusive employers and right-wing bombast and assault. Not to mention, the newspaper relies on subscription income to survive!

To sign on, visit our subscribe page, and help this optimistic political voice be heard!

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