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Emma Groves…

What’s Emma Groves got to do with plastic bullets?

Emma Groves pickets outside Astra

Astra Pyrotechnic, in Regent Street, London

assembles the plastic bullets

assembles the plastic bullets which kill and maim

social control huh!          it’s a British demonstration of how to

police civilians

they’re there         in every police station you know          plastic bullets

ready aim fire       come a long way since ’75

13 people dead       including          7 Irish children          dead

many more like Emma Groves who lost her sight – no, not ‘lost’ her sight

it’s no coincidence being blinded by a plastic bullet…..

so how do you see the struggle Emma

how do you see the poster you hold        as you stand at the picket line

how do you read your mail

and the letter which ends        “we have reviewed your claim for compensation

and found it unsubstantiated by your evidence”

Astro Pyrotechnic       pyro, pyro-mania, pyre

pyre the dictionary defines as a pile of combustibles esp. for burning corpses

and you’ve got them burning Astra

you’ve got anger and eyes and hearts ablaze

in Northern Ireland, England and elsewhere

where someone’s watching for Emma

living the struggle for Norah McCabe who died living it

Where someone’s             making posters         feeding the campaign

keeping the lights out      sending the signals….all the while phone ringing

link-ups with struggles elsewhere

watching paper after paper feed through the photocopier brr sput, brr sput,

done done but never enough done         articles to be written

pickets to attend         and now and then          another funeral

another letter to read to another Emma Groves…..

one more person joins the picket line

gains seem slow

at times

when you know another child will die

when you know another Emma Groves will lose her sight, no – not ‘lose her sight

it’s no coincidence being blinded by a plastic bullet…….

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