Stop the court lynching of freedom fighter Mumia Abu-Jamal!

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On October 29, the Pennsylvania Supreme Court denied the appeal of African American journalist, radical and political prisoner Mumia Abu-Jamal for a new trail, thereby clearing the way for his imminent execution. This must not happen!

All over the world, supporters of Abu-Jamal have long recognised that the courts framed this innocent man for the shooting of a cop in 1981. As the years have passed, the evidence showing that Mumia was not the killer has only mounted.

In the courtroom of “hanging judge” Albert Sabo, who has levelled the death penalty against more than twice as many people as any other judge in the county, Mumia was convicted through the manufacturing of a trumped-up confession and by the coerced testimony of witnesses vulnerable to police intimidation.

Yet, heedless of the facts and despite swelling international protest against Mumia’s imprisonment and death sentence, the wheels of racist injustice steadily grind on.

Why the cops and courts want Abu-Jamal to die. Mumia’s “crime” is not the act of murder but the advocacy of revolution. A former Black Panther leader who was never bought off by the establishment nor demoralised and disoriented, he maintains his radical principles as a respected journalist. He consistently exposes the extensive brutality and wrong-going of the Philadelphia police and of city officials.

Fight against the silence of Mumia! We must stop the execution of Abu-Jamal and win his release. No government can be allowed to “legally” murder those who criticise it! We cannot afford to lose Mumia. A life such as his, dedicated wholeheartedly and effectively to the multiple causes of the oppressed and exploited, is precious beyond measure.

All can take inspiration from Mumia himself. In a statement released after the October 29 decision, he concluded: “A court cannot make an innocent man guilty. Any ruling founded on injustice is not justice. The righteous fight for life, liberty and for justice can only continue.”

Write, fax or e-mail Governor Tom Ridge of Pennsylvania, demanding a new and fair trial: Governor Ridge, Main Capitol Building, Room 225 Harrisburg, PA 17120 USA; Fax 0011-1-717-772-8282; email: governor@state.PA.US

We must create a level of protest so loud that even the purposefully deaf ears of U.S. judges and politicians respond. Free Mumia Abu-Jamal!

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