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Forget the superficial       forget it

forget the words that lack meaning

the senseless acts     which pervert logic

the choices we make     which defeat all purpose

the consequences that slap us back with insult

saying it clearly     basic     with no need for jargon

since we know who we’re talking to

talking about : a method

of connecting

an analysis of the past with

a vision of the future

talking about : ways of working 


to make it happen

it is not    extending the perimeters

of the existing capitalist system

not some cost-effective budget plan, not tokenism, nor reform –

it is not paralysis

that disillusioned cynical state of non action

that would have us crumbling in the face of crisis

my condolences to those who want that       that non-option

i don’t.

i want conflict      productive conflict

a vehicle to change      constructively, decidedly

that has the ability

to take itself out of its self     analyse itself    apply itself

expand itself    preserve itself

but most importantly      live itself      and propel us all into the future.

i want it raw      i want it raw and provocative

necessarily it must have the capacity     to slice through the layers

of lies and distortions    expose the obvious    reveal the betrayal

i don’t want ghosts nor spectres, no defeatist this-will-have-to-do-plans of action

no mysteries, no mystiques


i will learn to dissect the beast, gut it

i will join you

we will spill the contents together

we can outlive

this world

the disaster that it is

that not one of us can justify

we will strike while the iron’s hot.

(Freedom Socialist Party Convention September 1988)

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