Drop all charges against the Zimbabwe Treason Trial 6

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Actions were held around the world on Monday, 21 March as part of an International Day of Action demanding that all charges be dropped against six activists in Zimbabwe charged with treason. The six could face the death penalty.

Originally 45 people were arrested on 19 February after police stormed a socialist meeting in Harare. Participants had just watched a video about the mass popular upsurge in Egypt and Tunisia, and were holding a discussion. Of these, 39 were later released without charge.

Massive international outrage about these arrests was key to the remaining six being released on bail on 16 March. Getting them out of prison was important as the activist had been tortured, denied medical care and held in solidarity confinement.

A picket, demanding that the charges against the six be dropped, was held in Melbourne outside Zimbabwe Airlines. The Melbourne picket was a united front action supported by Solidarity, Socialist Alliance, Socialist Alternative, Freedom Socialist Party and the National Tertiary Education Union branches at Melbourne University and RMIT.

Send messages of support to solidarity@freethemnow.com For profiles of the six, updates about the campaign and to sign the petition, go to www.freethemnow.com

Thanks from Zimbabwe!

The campaign in Zimbabwe knows that international solidarity is crucial to get the charges dropped. The Freedom Socialist Party is pleased to publish edited highlights of a letter of thanks that we received.

On behalf of the Medical Professional and Allied Workers Union of Zimbabwe, I express heartfelt appreciation for the camaraderie you extended to Zimbabwean Comrades who were coldheartedly incarcerated and charged with treason by the ZANU PF regime: this merely for watching the heroic actions by our brothers and sisters in the north part of Africa that dealt with tyrants. We are humbled by your determination to see Zimbabwean working class free.

Your solidarity messages condemning our arrests were important in increasing the political cost on ZANU PF for keeping us detained. You indeed fought for our freedom.

I was part of the arrested group. Although released earlier than the other six, we spent seventeen days in prison.

They can beat us, kill us and detain us. But they will not survive the revulsion of the intrinsic contradictions of capitalism. Workers will always stand up and revolt. We won’ t stand by while rampant corruption and crass materialism disable both government and private sector. We will shout at the top of our voices when we detect abuse of power and political intolerance. Egypt and Tunisia are lessons for the poor and an opener to another Russia 1917.

Our spirits are high! Workers of the world Unite — it is our time.

Mike Sambo, General Secretary

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