Keep Abortion Legal in Victoria! Rally For Abortion Rights

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On October 10, 2008, abortion was legalised in Victoria. In poll after poll, Australians’ support for abortion has been consistently around 85 percent. Those opposed to abortion have consistently polled at 6 percent or less (Victorian Law Reform Commission 2008: Law of Abortion: Final Report Chapter 4).

That lack of support has not deterred those opposed to abortion rights. In Western Australia, the Attorney General is proposing a law that resembles some of the so- called “personhood’” legislation in some parts of the United States. These laws equate abortion with murder. On October 13 this year, a coalition in Victoria with that agenda plans to stage a “March for the Babies” as part of its campaign.

Join us on October 13. Say no to the West Australian government’s attempt to undermine women’s reproductive choices. Celebrate the fourth anniversary of the historic win for women in Victoria. Defend the will of the majority and say loudly and clearly: “We will not go back to the days of State control of women’s bodies: Back to the Backyard — No Way!”

In the United States, the annual “March for Babies” is a reputable annual fundraising event. Its proceeds go to the health of pregnant women, newborn babies, and research into birth defects and infant mortality. It’s an entirely worthy cause run by a charitable organisation founded in 1938.

In Australia, Bernie Finn, a Liberal Party member of the State Upper House, has appropriated the name for a very reactionary political cause — the repeal of the 2008 Abortion Law Reform Act and the criminalisation of women’s control over their bodies and their lives.

On October 13, join Campaign for Women’s Reproductive Rights in celebrating the fourth anniversary of the legalisation of abortion in Victoria.

On October 13, declare your support for a women’s right to reproductive choice and demand:

  • Free, safe abortion and contraception on demand for all women and an end to sterilization without meaningful consent
  • Free comprehensive healthcare, childcare and disability support services for all and quality, affordable housing for all those who need it
  • An equal, living wage for all and full employer-paid parental leave so that every woman can afford to fund her reproductive choices
  • An end to all institutional discrimination on the basis of gender, sexual preference, race, income or ethnic origin, particularly those that restrict reproductive choices
  • Free, comprehensive sex education for all and compulsory training for all health workers in all aspects of reproductive health.

Saturday, 13 October 2012, 2:00 pm
Parliament House, Spring Street, Melbourne
Initiated by Campaign for Women’s Reproductive Rights

Endorsed by: Australian Education Union (Victoria), Australian Sex Party, Australian Services Union (Social and Community Sector Metropolitan Delegates Committee), Australian Women’s Health Network, Freedom Socialist Party, Pay Justice Action, Radical Women, RMIT University Student Union Womyn’s Department, Socialist Alternative, Victorian Trades Hall Council (list in Progress)

Get Involved!

  • Campaign for Women’s Reproductive Rights defends the Fertility Control Clinic on the fourth Saturday of Every Month, 10am: 118 Wellington Parade, East Melbourne (Between Powlett and Simpson Streets)
  • Donate to CWRR. Account Name: Campaign for Women’s Reproductive Rights; BSB 803-140; Account Number 12014148
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