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As the Middle East revolts and the Midwest of the United States rebels, the need is more apparent than ever for media that unabashedly take the side of working people — not the bosses and bankers! Of course, media like this won’ t be sustained by grants from Dame Elisabeth Murdoch or advertising revenue from BHP Billiton.

The FS and FSO need your help to continue to offer our distinct mix of frontline reporting, hard-hitting but optimistic analysis, opinion about culture, and subversive humour. Our expenses, like yours, are go- ing up. Solidarity Salon urgently needs a new photocopier to print the FSO and support our other organising. Costs for the FS union printer, mailing, and supplies — they’ re all on the rise.

Although the labour that produces our socialist feminist publications is mainly from volunteers, regular income still doesn’ t match expenses. The FSO is distributed by donation and we keep the price of the FS affordable for everyone, including readers in Australia, despite the hefty postage costs. The money we raise during fund drives like this one is absolutely crucial to our survival.

The local campaign kicked off with a Create Change Cocktail Party, which hauled in $750 from generous supporters. As of 25 April, the fund drive has collected $1,020 towards the Australian goal of $6,000.

Help us reach our goal! Log on and transfer your donation to the Feminist Education Association directly to BSB: 063150 account number: 10147192. Send an email to to let us know. Or send a cheque or money order to Feminist Education Association, PO Box 308, Brunswick, VIC 3065.

Come to our May Day Celebration or Stonewall Forum (see what’ s on page 12 for details). To offer to sell tickets in our guessing competition, contact Like to support our bake sale? Contact Or purchase some fundraising wine? Contact

With your support, we will replace the photocopier at Solidarity Salon and continue to offer honest, activist journalism from the front lines.

“I encourage everyone to donate to Freedom Socialist Organiser because it embodies self-education among working people. Its articles show that their authors have learnt the value of listening. Only by doing so can socialists move forward from where Australians are in our struggles for decent jobs, health, education, housing and transport. Organising is education. That maxim is as true for the most experienced militants as it is for the newest recruits. With more than half of union members now women, working-class self-education requires the fresh tone of voice in the Freedom Socialist Organiser.”
Humphrey M cQueen, working class historian, Canberra

“The Freedom Socialist Party, and its close ally Radical Women, have been firm supporters of transgender, queer and human rights for at least the 13 years I’ ve been involved in advocacy. Their support at a time when trans issues were barely understood in the queer community, let alone wider Australia, is remembered with huge thanks. Help the crew to go for at least another 13 years by supporting their fundraising efforts including the need for a photocopier — we need to photocopy justice equity human rights powerfully in big font!”
Sally Goldner, Out of the Pan, 3CR 855 AM , Melbourne

Gagged by the Bligh Government!*
Lex Wotton, Palm I sland, Queensland
* We received a warm solidarity message from Palm Island Indigenous leader, Lex Wotton, urging readers to support the media that supports the movement. We cannot print Lex’ s statement, because repressive parole conditions could see him once again jailed to serve out his full 6-year sentence for participating in a very necessary political protest!

“I like the way Freedom Socialist and Freedom Socialist Organiser promote the leadership of women and oppressed people in the struggle for a socialist revolution. It combines feminism and socialism: placing significance on women’ s oppression and liberation as part of the permanent and continuing revolution towards a society of freedom, equality and collective sharing for all. I appreciate the accessible and comprehensible way these publications present in-depth theory and its application in practice. Finally I like the way it keeps me informed about significant events in the Australia, the U.S. and internationally. Kia kaha!”
Janet Robin, Aotearoa/New Zealand

“The Freedom Socialist Party has been a key player in taking action against Australia’ s shameful record of Aboriginal and Torres Straights Human Rights abuses, with members active in the Indigenous Social Justice Association – Melbourne. When visiting Melbourne as a representative of the Deaths In Custody Watch Committee, the FSP was both very welcoming and very supportive. Strong links across the Australia were made. So fellow workers, I urge those who are able to do so to support the Freedom Socialist Organiser and Freedom Socialist fundraising drive. They do great activism work!”
Bruce Campbell, member, Deaths in Custody Watch Committee, Perth

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