In memoriam: resolute revolutionary Eddie Conway

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Fighter for the oppressed and all of humanity Eddie Conway, former Black Panther and political prisoner, died on February 13, 2023, after 44 years of incarceration and finally five years of freedom. His unflaggingly revolutionary spirit will be missed. Chris Smith, then organizer for the Seattle Freedom Socialist Party, interviewed Conway by phone from prison in February 2011 for the branch’s Black History Month celebration.

As his co-workers at The Real News Network report, “Despite the unimaginable toll that 44 years of incarceration had taken on him, Eddie’s organizing did not stop when he walked out of prison. He became our beloved colleague at The Real News Network, where he continued his passion for education and media-making in the service of the fight against mass incarceration as Executive Producer and the host of Rattling the Bars, his weekly video program. He also played a key role in the formation of Tubman House, which, in the wake of the Baltimore Uprising, seized vacant property and land for community needs in Sandtown-Winchester—the neighborhood where Baltimore police killed Freddie Gray.” Read more at Portside.