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What does it take to change the world? Because that’s what you care about, right? The socialist feminist FSP has given a lot of thought to that question going back to our founding in 1966. And we are always continuing to think about it! Here’s what we know so far — and they are all good reasons for you to seriously consider becoming a member.

  • It takes knowing the right questions to ask and applying the lessons of history and Marxist analysis to come up with solid answers. Questions like, Do the Democrats have anything real to offer workers, oppressed people, and an imperiled planet? If not, how can the poor and working majority find a political voice as well as exercise their power outside of the electoral arena? 
  • Remaking the world takes organization, and organization of many kinds: unions, united fronts around specific issues, etc. Ultimately, it requires a revolutionary party, with its storehouse of experience, theoretical study, and continuity of struggle — all leading up to enabling the working class to gain state power. 
  • It takes the leadership of the most oppressed — the women, people of color, LGBTQ+ folks, immigrants, people with disabilities and others kicked to capitalism’s curb — because they are the people who need social transformation the most and fight for it the hardest. In the United States, this is especially true for African Americans, with their unique history of repression and resistance.
  • And it takes internationalism — understanding how workers the world over are linked in class bondage and how alliances across borders are a key step in our common emancipation.

Read more about FSP’s program, achievements, history and goals here.

Today, the economic, environmental, and social crises of capitalism are at an all-time high. It seems that we are living in a “now or never” moment. FSP recognizes that it will take more than any one group to spearhead and see through the change we need. But we believe we have something special to offer. And we think you do too! Whoever you are, whatever your experience and abilities, we need you. Right now, in the U.S., we are mainly on the two coasts. But we are starting to branch out in the South and Midwest, and you could help us grow. 

Please contact us if FSP sparks your interest, whether or not you are ready to join. We are in the middle of important work in all of our branch cities that you could become involved with, like our campaign in New York City for an elected civilian review board over the police. Our online public study groups and political forums — and even parties! — are open to you wherever you are. Also wherever you are, you can help the party by making a regular donation or getting socialist feminist ideas out by distributing our statements and the Freedom Socialist newspaper. Fill out the form if you want to become a member or get involved. We will get in touch!