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May 2014 Freedom Socialist Party convention in vibrant Los Angeles: Four days of strategizing for change

The weather may be balmy in sunny Los Angeles, but the political climate is anything but. Police are targeting immigrants, unionists, and radicals; 58,000 people are homeless, 30 percent of them women; the right wing

Boeing and government officials extort major concessions from angry machinists

If anyone wasn’t already convinced that the profit system is rotten to the core, the underhanded wresting of major concessions from the International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers (IAM) of Washington state should do

ACLU sues Catholic bishops over policy denying reproductive care

Catholic Church dogma on abortion endangers the lives and health of women. That’s the basis of a bold lawsuit filed by the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) on behalf of Tamesha Means against the United

No “good guys” in South Sudan war

Two contending world powers, the U. S. and China, are behind the fighting in South Sudan. Their aim is to control access to huge oil reserves there. The U.S. military also wants to increase its

Clean fracking? No such thing

At present, France outlaws hydraulic fracturing (“fracking”) — the process of pumping water mixed with chemicals into porous rock to drive out oil and natural gas, like an explosive pressure cooker. Fracking endangers workers, drains

The sham of democracy in Afghanistan

The invasion of Afghanistan led to the longest conflict in U.S. history. It has decimated an ancient land and its people, and enhanced the power and wealth of war criminals and Taliban jihadists. It has

Spain for choice: thousands turn out against anti-abortion law pushed by right wing

An attempt to ban 90 percent of all abortions in Spain has been met with a hailstorm of opposition. First proposed in December 2013, the “Law for the protection of the life of the unborn

Freedom Socialist opinion: Time for action, no time to lament

My granny was a single mom with nine children ranging from pre-teen to their 30’s by the time I came along. Mom was also on her own, with me. They rented a house and together

RUSSIA: What the Ukraine crisis reveals about the post-Soviet state

From the Sochi Olympic Games to the eruption in Ukraine that sparked Russia’s move into Crimea, recent developments have put Russia in the spotlight. But what do the complex events mean? Both Western and Russian

Postal workers oppose cutbacks, outsourcing, and “toxic work environment”

Post office employees are mad as hell, and they aren’t taking it. They are protesting layoffs, service cuts, and closures of post offices and mail processing centers. In 2013, they fought off a drive to

The school-to-prison pipeline: Los Angeles youth push back, demanding “Education, not incarceration!”

Prisons are more important than schools in California; it spends the most on corrections and least on public education. In 30 years, despite a flat crime rate, it has built 21 prisons and one college

Microcredit: good cause or neoliberal fairy tale?

In 1976, Bangladeshi economist Dr. Muhammad Yunus came up with the notion that poverty could be solved in developing countries with “microloans” — lending small amounts of money to poor people so they can start

Freedom Socialist Letters to the Editor, April 2014

GREAT REVIEW Antidote to immigrant bashing Thank you for reviewing NoViolet Bulawayo’s We Need New Names [Vol. 35, No. 1]. I might not have come across this novel and I now plan to read it.

From campus to carwash, Los Angeles workers are making waves

From luxury hotels to ivory tower, low-wage workers in Los Angeles are rocking the boat of poverty pay, intolerable conditions, and injustice. Skyrocketing living costs are firing up their rebellion. Economic pundits report the California

Unpacking the JPMorgan Chase scandals: $30 billion in fines and counting — and this monster bank still got off lightly!

Back in 2008, when a lot of financial institutions were on shaky footing, JPMorgan Chase was living the good life. The bank cashed in on its stability, as the government propped it (and other banks)

The Advocate, gay rights magazine, fawning over Pope Francis

Excerpted from Windy City Times, Jan. 8, 2014. The Advocate named Pope Francis (formerly Buenos Aires archbishop Jorge Mario Bergoglio) its “Person of the Year.” Maybe the cover was meant for an April Fool’s edition,

Food prices, drought, and poverty

Across the globe climate change is wreaking havoc on cities and rural areas, and the people and other creatures that inhabit them. Floods, droughts, extreme storms and rising temperatures are here to stay. Those paying

Freedom Socialist editorial — Immigrants strike to challenge detentions

Across the United States a battle rages to win justice for undocumented immigrants, with the latest salvo fired by hunger strikers at immigration detention centers. The strike began on March 7 by 750 detainees in