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Demand that Anna Bligh acts on Aboriginal rights — now!

Queensland Premier Anna Bligh has a shameful record when it comes to Aboriginal rights. Stolen wages Her government is refusing to honour a 2002 promise to pay $55.4 million in reparations to the stolen wages

Lynne Stewart receives a 10-year prison term

On July 15, 2010, radical lawyer Lynne Stewart was sentenced to ten years in prison for doing her job honourably and ethically. Reactionary judges in a higher court denounced her original sentence of 28-months as

Working class museum needs help

A small, but important, part of international working class history is under threat. The Trotsky museum in Coyoacan, Mexico has put out an appeal for $1 million to preserve the memory of Leon Trotsky, a

Abortion rights movement needs you!

There’s a showdown looming on Saturday 9 October. The anti-choice bigots from the Right to Life are mobilising with the goal of getting abortion back into the Victorian Crimes Act. Their "March for the Babies"

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Federal election 2010: The times are right to organise for real change!

Independent MP, Tony Windsor, was spot-on when he said that there is no difference in philosophy between the ALP and the Coalition. "It’s a choice between two conservative parties," he said. Despite a healthy cynicism

Federal Election 2010 – Vote Socialist

Elections should be times when the entire population is engaged in debates about what our communities need. But this election is characterised by leaders determined not to say or do anything “controversial” for fear of

Lex Wotton free, but politically muzzled!

On 18 July, Aboriginal political prisoner, Lex Wotton, was released from jail after serving a minimum two-year non-parole period. In 2008, Wotton was found guilty of riot with destruction by an all-white jury and sentenced

Union Eyes: Kennon Auto workers win!

Members of the Textile Clothing and Footwear Union at Kennon Auto have scored a resounding victory. The Preston plant makes carpet and other fittings for Toyota. Management refused to negotiate with the union, tried to

Union Eyes: CPSU debates same-sex marriage equality

The Community and Public Sector Union has joined many other unions in backing the year of action for same-sex marriage equality. The Executive Committee voted to endorse the campaign, donate $1,000, to publicise the rallies

Waratah Rose: Farewell to a gutsy socialist feminist

On 22 June 2010 we lost a gutsy warrior for peace and justice. Waratah Rose Gillespie — who called herself Rosemarie when I first worked with her — was a mightily effective rabble-rouser who spent

Your Say

Teach kids to think for themselves As a parent, I found your review by Michelle Williams, Going After Kids: How advertisers pester for profit (Freedom Socialist Bulletin # 42) really fascinating, but also scary. Despite

Drown out the anti-woman bigotry of the “Right to Lifers”

Campaigners for women’s reproductive rights are gearing up for a day of protest on October 9. A young woman from Cairns and her partner face charges for procuring an abortion under Queensland’s 19th century criminal
Tell Asarco: It's Time for a Fair Contract

Tell Asarco: It’s Time for a Fair Contract

More than 2,000 union members who work in Asarco’s copper mines, smelter and refinery have been in tough bargaining since their contract expired in June 2013. Please sign their petition and send a direct message
Two French police officers stand guard, holding assault rifles

2015 statement by Miriam Padilla, whose cousin died in the Paris attacks

The trial of 20 suspects gets underway after six years of rising anti-immigrant, anti-Muslim sentiment and of harsh anti-democratic measures adopted in the name of fighting terrorism.

Oppressions: The Capitalist Connection and the Socialist Solution

I like the title of this conference,“Parallels and Intersections: Racism and Other Forms of Oppression.” It hints at what I believe: that since we have many forms of oppression, there must be a shared cause