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Why I am a Clinic Defender and why YOU should become one, too!

I am a regular participant in the pro-choice defence of the Fertility Control Clinic against anti-choice bigots. You may wonder why, as a male, I feel so strongly in attending. There are multiple factors influencing

Big Steps confronts small pay: The fight ahead for childcare workers

United Voice, the union that organises childcare workers, has kicked off the Big Steps campaign to fight for pay increases for workers in the sector. More than 12,000 workers, childcare users and community supporters rallied

Mavis Pat supports national rallies to remember John Pat: After three decades, it is time to stop deaths in custody

Aboriginal teenager, John Pat, was just 16 years old when he died in custody on 28 September 1983 at the Roebourne police station in Western Australia (WA). His mother, Mavis Pat, is still grieving his

On the Centrality of Feminism to the Liberation of the Working Class

When Jill Meagher was brutally kidnapped, raped and murdered just blocks from her Brunswick home late last year, the outrage was immense. A spontaneous “peace march” on September 30 attracted between 70,000 and 100,000 people,

Free Marissa Alexander: Self Defence is No Offence!

In Victoria, one in five women experience violence in the home. In the U.S., one in four women experience abuse from a partner. As women experiencing domestic violence often discover, the system that claims to

As this government now comes in for the kill against the very roofs over our heads, we say “Enough, Enough, Enough!” – Tara Mitchell for Radical Women

For decades, Radical Women have been fighting against injustice. We fight with Indigenous populations when the government comes to steal their land. We walk the picket lines with workers as they battle their bosses. We

Don’t Lose Public Housing in Victoria: Stop the Privatisation!

Secure and comfortable housing is getting beyond the reach of most people. Yet a study released in April found that of all the major cities in Australia, Melbourne is the hardest city to live in

“We are proud public tenants, and we are fighting to save public housing!”: Fiona Ross for Friends of Public Housing

Public housing is as essential as public transport, public hospitals and public schools. The benefits of public housing are its flexible rents, which make it truly affordable, and its security of tenure. In most instances,

“Independent” senator spearheads attack on penalty rates and low-paid workers

South Australian Senator, Nick Xenophon, has outed himself as anything but independent from Australia’s employing classes. He has submitted a private member’s bill, which poses a severe threat to the take-home pay of some of

Never Going Back! – Keep abortion legal in Victoria: Build a movement to stop the far right

On October 10, 2008, the moment Victoria’s Parliament voted to legalise abortion, spectators from the far right leapt to their feet and yelled “Retribution!” and vowed to overturn the new law. This anti-abortion minority represents

Britain’s Big Society: Nothing but a neoliberal con

Back in August, I watched an episode of the ABC panel show Q&A, titled “Big Ideas and Big Society.” Amongst the panellists was Phillip Blond, director of the British think-tank, ResPublica. Blond told viewers he

Aotearoa Action Alert

In Aotearoa New Zealand, anger continues to grow over the conservative National government’s reactionary social policies. Unions and activists are calling a National Day of Action on Friday, 5 October to protest against policies such

2012: Annus Horribilis – Demand police accountability through elected civilian review boards

When the Indigenous Social Justice Association - Melbourne declared 2012 a year of action to stop Aboriginal deaths in custody, little did it know that in the very first week of the new year, Kwementyaye

“I will not be silent any more”: A daughter speaks out about a death in custody

On 3 April, Peter Clarke died in Alice Springs Hospital, aged 56. The issues surrounding his death have left the family with many questions and a determination to uncover the truth. He’d been scheduled for

It’s time to fight for the right to strike

On September 5, Victoria witnessed the biggest teacher strike in its history. Forty thousand state school teachers and support staff walked off the job, closing more than 400 schools across the state. Twenty thousand Australian

Keep Abortion Legal in Victoria! Rally For Abortion Rights

On October 10, 2008, abortion was legalised in Victoria. In poll after poll, Australians’ support for abortion has been consistently around 85 percent. Those opposed to abortion have consistently polled at 6 percent or less

Book Review — Union Jack: a ripping yarn about guts and principles

Union Jack, by Dale Lorna Jacobsen, Copyright Publishing, 2011, 214 pages. ISBN 978-1876344801 The disgraceful behaviour of certain senior officials of the Health Services Union, past and present, is a blot on the good name

Defeat Western Australian “Personhood” Law

The Liberal government in Western Australia (WA) is preparing an assault on abortion rights. Some time this year, Attorney General Christian Porter will introduce a “foetal homicide” bill that would make the destruction of a