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On trial in Greece: 69 members of the violent, ultra-right Golden Dawn party

The trial of 69 members of the Golden Dawn party will finally begin in late May 2015. Many didn’t show up on April 20 when the trial was originally scheduled to start. But 200 black-helmeted

June 2015 – Labor Weather Report: A glance at how some workers and their unions are faring in the class struggle.

March 2015 — Dignity in the fields. Over 50,000 mostly indigenous Mexican farm workers strike for over a week and block a freeway as they fight for legally mandated healthcare, a doubling of the $8

Freedom Socialist Letters to the Editor, June 2015

MUMIA VERY ILL Public pressure needed to save his life! (Excerpts from an email from On Saturday, May 2, Pam Africa and Abdul Jon visited Mumia Abu-Jamal at SCI Mahanoy. He was weak, stable,

Trotsky’s legacy on the 75th anniversary of his death: powerful ideas for today’s struggles

Leon Trotsky was second only to Vladimir Lenin in leading the 1917 Russian Revolution. As elected chair of the St. Petersburg Soviet (workers council), he organized the uprising that put the working class in power.

Freedom Socialist opinion — Military chic: selling the brand

A recent article in The New York Times gushed about a new fashion line featuring military surplus clothing “reworked for the soldier in us all.” The $200 (!) jumpsuit pictured with the article looks like

Shell-ing out the planet — Tribes and environmentalists defy arrogant oil giant

In the summer of 2014, Shell began quiet negotiations with the Port of Seattle to establish a winter home for its fleet of oil platforms and ships. Shell’s aim is to explore and drill for

Cartel Land: Confusing documentary on Mexico loses its way

This close-range, in-the-trenches documentary is filmed against the backdrop of the sham “war on drugs,” cooked up by corrupt politicians and agencies of Mexico and the United States. Its stars are real Mexican civilians rising

Norma Abdulah, 1921–2015

A passionate fighter for race, gender and economic equality, Norma Abdulah was born in Harlem to a Trinidadian family. Her education about racism in the U.S. started early when her father, a professional in his

A visit with Comandante Nestora Salgado after her hunger strike

Nestora Salgado has been jailed on false charges and severely mistreated since August 2013. She led a hunger strike that forced concessions for her and fellow political prisoners. Cuauthémoc Ruíz, a member of the Comité

Fire in the Middle East: Counterrevolution takes heavy toll

The urgent quest for radical change in the Middle East impacts and teaches every fighter against injustice. It is rooted in the economic stagnation imposed by neoliberal austerity policies of the International Monetary Fund, peoples’

Hunger strike, US delegation to Mexico bolster freedom campaign

On May 5, political prisoner Nestora Salgado said “Enough!” A naturalized U.S. citizen, she had endured almost two years of prison torment in Mexico. Her crime? Leading the indigenous community of her home town, Olinalá,

Melbourne coalition turns out to fight fascists

Australia is not on the brink of revolution. But protest is escalating against the cruelties of a collapsing global and domestic economy. Since March 2014, hundreds of thousands of Australians have marched to tell the

Freedom Socialist Letters to the editor August 2015

MICK PARSONS Illegally fired The interview with Mick Parsons was a real eye-opener [Adjunct professors: academia’s overstressed, underpaid labor force, Vol. 36, No. 3]. Since the article was published, Parsons has been illegally fired because

Freedom Socialist editorial — Teachers worldwide standing strong

Everywhere you look teachers are fighting for schools and students — going toe-to-toe with politicians and police across the globe. They are on the frontline of battles, especially to keep public education accessible. Without these

Freedom Socialist editorial: Re-elect Sawant to Seattle City Council

In a city where billionaires cast long shadows, Kshama Sawant provides a much-needed socialist counterpoint at City Hall. Sawant first won her council seat in 2013, running as a candidate for Socialist Alternative (SA), and

The Charleston killings: indictment of a racist system

The following was written just after the murders at Mother Emanual Church on June 17, and before the subsequent series of Black church burnings in June and early July. The Freedom Socialist Party joins millions

End the racial wealth gap — Restore affirmative action and job training

Every day it seems, the headlines carry another story of racist violence, from police gunning down unarmed Black men to white supremacists bombing Black churches — or killing parishioners! This is only the most outward

No welcome here: an immigrant’s saga

If you have not been an undocumented immigrant from Central America making your dangerous way through Mexico only to face vigilante hate groups and la migra at the U.S. border, you don’t know what hell