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Solidarity with the Persecuted Hickey Family: A Radical Women account of the solidarity rally and trial

Australian police are often hostile to the poor and are famous for blatant brutality towards Aboriginal people. Police represent the ruling class, with the police force being founded on the theft of Aboriginal land and

Australian Income Gap is Widening

Forget the mining boom, the rivers of Chinese gold, and the population-driven expansion of the economy. If you’re like most of us, your share of the Australian wealth pie is shrinking, not growing. A study

Make change happen! Give to the $80,000 Freedom Socialist and Freedom Socialist Organiser Fund Drive!

The Freedom Socialist Organiser and the Freedom Socialist newspaper have less than one month to go in our four-month fundraising campaign. Supporters from all around the country have opened their wallets to help sustain these

Recreate Zelda and Bon’s historic protest — support Concession Day for Equal Pay

July 22 is “ Concession Day for Equal Pay.” We are calling on all women to pay the concession fare for their public transport ticket – if you’ re already on a concession, don’ t

On July 23, rally to defend the Fertility Control Clinic! Remember murdered clinic worker, Steve Rogers! Stand up for the right to choose!

At 10.20 am on Monday, July 16, 2001, Peter Knight stormed the crowded waiting room of the Fertility Control Clinic in East Melbourne. Armed with explosives and guns, he announced that he was going to

Public Servants Preparing for Industrial Action

On 30 June agreements covering 95% of federal public servants expired with no new arrangements in place. The result? A showdown is looming between the Gillard government and public sector workers, organised through the Community

Equal pay “win” a battle far from finished

On May 16, Fair Work Australia (FWA) released its decision on equal pay for Australia’ s 200,000 community sector workers. This workforce, who provides supports from aged and disability services to childcare, crisis intervention and

Poem: Redfern

I wrote this poem soon after TJ Hickey died and share it today in solidarity with Gail Hickey and the extended Hickey family. Thomas Hickey died last night Leading to the spontaneous mobilization Of people

Not taking passengers! Metro’s new timetable puts spin ahead of customer service

From May 8 tens of thousands of commuters will be inconvenienced on the Williamstown, Westona, Frankston, Glen Waverley, Alamein, Lilydale and Belgrave lines. Though Metro’ s spin portrays the new timetable as the “ most

PI Boyz rapping for justice

Aboriginal Justice is an infectious hip-hop track inspired by life on Palm Island. A collaboration between three young Bwgcolman men from Palm Island and Desert Pea Media, it tells it like it is: “ The

Drop all charges against the Zimbabwe Treason Trial 6

Actions were held around the world on Monday, 21 March as part of an International Day of Action demanding that all charges be dropped against six activists in Zimbabwe charged with treason. The six could

Rally at the Fertility Control Clinic on July 23: The fight for free speech and reproductive rights continues

On March 29, free speech campaigners sat in the public gallery of Melbourne Town Hall to watch Melbourne City Councillor, Cathy Oke, table a bulky petition of nearly 600 statements and letters addressed to the

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The Freedom Socialist Organiser welcomes contributions. Write to Child beauty pageants or child abuse? A day never passes without stories about some form of child abuse. Indeed, in recent years anyone involved formally in

Hands off JobWatch!

The future of JobWatch is under threat. Richard Dalla-Riva, Victorian Minister for Employment and Industrial Relations, has told the service: “ It is my assessment that the activities for which the previous government provided funding

Make change happen! Give to the $80,000 Socialist Feminist Fund Drive!

As the Middle East revolts and the Midwest of the United States rebels, the need is more apparent than ever for media that unabashedly take the side of working people — not the bosses and

Equal pay: Wanted NOW! (not in 2016)

Pay Justice Action, the grassroots campaign for equal pay, chose May Day to launch a petition directed at Prime Minister Julia Gillard, highlighting that women workers are sick of waiting for equal pay. The statistics

Indigenous Inclusion in the Constitution — worth fighting for?

According to the federal government, there is “ a national discussion and broad consultation” taking place this year around plans for a referendum to recognise Aboriginal Australians in the Constitution. Last November, the Prime Minister

Feminist Futures Conference: Build a feminist future with Radical Women

The world is bursting with revolt against the many brutalities afflicted by capitalism. It’ s no surprise that women are among the resisters, leading. The unifying force of feminism is needed more than ever. For