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Melbourne coalition turns out to fight fascists

Australia is not on the brink of revolution. But protest is escalating against the cruelties of a collapsing global and domestic economy. Since March 2014, hundreds of thousands of Australians have marched to tell the

Freedom Socialist Letters to the editor August 2015

MICK PARSONS Illegally fired The interview with Mick Parsons was a real eye-opener [Adjunct professors: academia’s overstressed, underpaid labor force, Vol. 36, No. 3]. Since the article was published, Parsons has been illegally fired because

Freedom Socialist editorial — Teachers worldwide standing strong

Everywhere you look teachers are fighting for schools and students — going toe-to-toe with politicians and police across the globe. They are on the frontline of battles, especially to keep public education accessible. Without these

Freedom Socialist editorial: Re-elect Sawant to Seattle City Council

In a city where billionaires cast long shadows, Kshama Sawant provides a much-needed socialist counterpoint at City Hall. Sawant first won her council seat in 2013, running as a candidate for Socialist Alternative (SA), and

The Charleston killings: indictment of a racist system

The following was written just after the murders at Mother Emanual Church on June 17, and before the subsequent series of Black church burnings in June and early July. The Freedom Socialist Party joins millions

End the racial wealth gap — Restore affirmative action and job training

Every day it seems, the headlines carry another story of racist violence, from police gunning down unarmed Black men to white supremacists bombing Black churches — or killing parishioners! This is only the most outward

No welcome here: an immigrant’s saga

If you have not been an undocumented immigrant from Central America making your dangerous way through Mexico only to face vigilante hate groups and la migra at the U.S. border, you don’t know what hell

Freedom Socialist editorial — Donald Trump’s outrageous rise: What does it say about the US?

Message to international friends of the U.S. working class: No, despite the rise of Donald Trump to the top of the Republican heap of presidential candidates, we haven’t lost our minds. Well, maybe a little.

Unemployment fix: 30 hours work, 40 hours pay — Rising productivity makes a shorter week with no pay cut a no-brainer

The campaigns across the U.S. for a $15 an hour minimum wage won’t end the economic hurt of low-paid workers but they will sure help. Winning higher wages will also raise expectations. Imagine if everyone

Organizers in Tacoma, Wash., stick to their guns for $15 an hour NOW

On an August day, activists with 15 NOW Tacoma huddled at a Safeway grocery store before hitting the neighborhoods of this blue-collar city. Rehearsing for doorbelling, one volunteer asked, “Do you support a $15 an
Can Bernie Sanders move the Democrats left? Unfortunately, the history of campaigns like his says no

Can Bernie Sanders move the Democrats left? Unfortunately, the history of campaigns like his says no

It’s easy to see why voters sick of big-business politics as usual are flocking to Bernie Sanders. A self-described democratic socialist, Sanders rails against staggering inequality and denounces the rule of banksters and CEOs. He

Freedom Socialist book review — Afghan girls pose as boys to escape crushing oppression

Today, in 2015, Afghan mothers who produce only daughters are still routinely abused by their families and shunned by their communities. They are almost universally barred from employment outside the home, and a daughter can

Witches, midwives, & reproductive freedom

Are you a good witch, or a bad one? Historically speaking, this was a trick question, with no hope of a Halloween treat. During the time of the European witch hunts, you were condemned to

An inmate exposes a vicious system: Gay and trans prisoners plagued by bigotry

Within the caged world of prison, out of sight and out of mind of LGBTQ activists on the other side of the bars, are gay prisoners. Without representation, without a voice, they suffer unthinkable cruelties,

Nestora Salgado fasts for freedom, inspires defiance across Mexico

“Nestora Salgado’s name has become a symbol of resistance for many women struggling ... against patriarchal violence and for indigenous communities,” said R. Aída Hernández Castillo in the Mexican daily La Jornada in August. But

Prison neglect jeopardizes life of Mumia Abu-Jamal

Although political prisoner Mumia Abu-Jamal is free of his death sentence, he still suffers under life in prison without parole. And the legal system is still trying to kill his eloquent radical voice for justice

Freedom Socialist Letters to the Editor — October 2015

RASMEA ODEH Support her appeal Show your support for Palestinian rights activist and political prisoner Rasmea Odeh at a rally in front of the courthouse on Wednesday, October 14, and then fill the courtroom immediately

A warning to the global working class: Europe’s rulers discipline Greeks

Imagine a power so callous that with a stroke of a pen it degrades millions of people, mandating Sundays a day of work, increasing retirement from 62 to 67 years, and ordering the privatization of