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Feminist Futures Conference: Build a feminist future with Radical Women

The world is bursting with revolt against the many brutalities afflicted by capitalism. It’ s no surprise that women are among the resisters, leading. The unifying force of feminism is needed more than ever. For

Drop the charges: Stop persecuting the Hickey family!

Tisha Hickey’ s 21st birthday party last September turned into a nightmare when police in the western Sydney suburb of Riverstone raided her home. Tisha was brutally treated by the police who crushed her, tore

Resistance grows against FBI raids on U.S. activists

On 24 September 2010 gun-toting FBI agents broke in the homes of U.S. anti-war campaigners, socialist and Latin American and Palestinian solidarity activists. Since then the government has delivered subpoenas to more activists, bringing the

Support clinic defenders’ battle for free speech and protest rights

On a Tuesday afternoon in December, as thousands of city workers were heading for their trams and trains, a speakout was in full swing outside Melbourne’s Town Hall. Campaign for Women’s Reproductive Rights’ bold purple

Fighting families provide inspiration and need our solidarity

Deaths in custody take a terrible toll on the family members who have lost a loved one in this way. For some, the grief is immobilising. But for others, there’s a steely determination to expose

Equal Pay: A battle unfinished!

Louisa Dunkley was born in the working class Melbourne suburb of Richmond in 1866. She is remembered today for her leadership in the battle for equal pay. At 16, Louisa got a job with the

Climate change and the flood crisis: Make big business pay!

Greens Leader Bob Brown has sparked a controversy in the Murdoch media for his comment that the coal industry is to blame for the recent floods in Queensland, NSW, Victoria, South Australia and Western Australia.

A view from Queensland: Bad weather — don’t risk it!

It’s Queensland... the radio is on and it speaks of mayhem and disaster. A short distance from where I live many people are weeping over lifetime losses that have been swept away on a raging

Lex is gagged but we are not! Act now!

Lex Wotton, who is still seen as a political prisoner by the movement to stop Aboriginal deaths in custody, visited Melbourne on November 10 to meet with his lawyers to plan a challenge to his

Victorian State Election 2010 — Vote Socialist

It’ s three months since the federal election and nothing has altered in the political landscape, except for one thing, of course — the rise and rise of The Greens party. Based on the federal

Challenge law and order bipartisanship: Cancel all contracts with G4S

The ALP and the Liberal Party are engaged in a predictable “ tough on crime” battle in Victoria’ s state election. However neither party has anything to offer in terms of police accountability or solutions

Alert: Mumia’s life is in danger!

On 9 November supporters of Mumia Abu-Jamal mobilised outside the U.S. Court of Appeals as the Third Circuit met, for a second time, to decide whether Mumia is to be quickly executed or granted a

Abortion Rights and Free Speech: the Fight is on!

The fight in Victoria to defend abortion rights has widened into a battle for free speech. Pro-choice activists who each month defend an East Melbourne clinic from anti-abortion zealots are being harassed by Melbourne City

Stop bankrolling investors and speculators!: A practical guide to providing quality shelter for all

There’ s a monumental housing crisis in Australia. Rents are skyrocketing and vacancy rates are the lowest on record, pushing desperate tenants to resort to rent auctions. In 1996 the cost of buying a house

Demand that Anna Bligh acts on Aboriginal rights — now!

Queensland Premier Anna Bligh has a shameful record when it comes to Aboriginal rights. Stolen wages Her government is refusing to honour a 2002 promise to pay $55.4 million in reparations to the stolen wages

Lynne Stewart receives a 10-year prison term

On July 15, 2010, radical lawyer Lynne Stewart was sentenced to ten years in prison for doing her job honourably and ethically. Reactionary judges in a higher court denounced her original sentence of 28-months as

Working class museum needs help

A small, but important, part of international working class history is under threat. The Trotsky museum in Coyoacan, Mexico has put out an appeal for $1 million to preserve the memory of Leon Trotsky, a

Abortion rights movement needs you!

There’s a showdown looming on Saturday 9 October. The anti-choice bigots from the Right to Life are mobilising with the goal of getting abortion back into the Victorian Crimes Act. Their "March for the Babies"