Summer Supporter Drive

If the last year has shown us anything, it’s been the deep flaws in the Capitalist system and the urgent need to fight it.

Fortunately, the Freedom Socialist Party never retreated. In fact, we won great accomplishments over the last year. But rent, pandemic costs, and not being able to fundraise at full capacity have taken a financial toll. That’s where you come in!

To continue the fight-back, we’re starting a Summer Supporter drive and hope you can become a sustaining funder by donating monthly. One-time donations are greatly appreciated as well.

If you can, please become a monthly supporter today. You’ll be an integral part of FSP and our revolutionary feminist work for a more humane world.


With your help as a sustaining supporter with an amount as low as $5 dollars a month, the Freedom Socialist Party can keep fighting the good revolutionary feminist fight. Can you donate?

Supporters who make a monthly pledge of $5-$50 receive a bold and stylish “Socialist Feminist Revolution” t-shirt.

At $50 and above, we’ll send you a t-shirt and a Red Letter Press title of your choice, with plenty of powerful titles to choose from.

With your help we’ve done great things. Just a few highlights:

  • We helped introduce a historic bill pushing back NYPD violence with the Community POWER Act.
  • We rallied to beat back the far-right by organizing counter-demonstrations against the Proud Boys and other Neo-Nazi groups.
  • We supported strikes at Hunt’s Point of essential workers fighting for better pay, with Laundry Workers defending their right to unionize, and at Columbia and NYU to support student workers exploited by private university greed.
  • We wouldn’t be true socialists without our internationalism – we continue to advocate for the Palestinian struggle, people’s revolts around the world such as the one in Colombia, and regroupment efforts of socialists across the western hemisphere.

None of this powerful grassroots work was possible without our members’ contributions and supporter donations. Can you help?


When you become a sustaining supporter, you’re funding workingclass political education- forums and study groups on women in the pandemic, the powerful lessons of Black Reconstruction and feminist history, strategies for fighting back, and much more.

You also help to reopen our center Freedom Hall in Harlem, and make it more accessible than ever with a conference system to connect people from all over the planet to our in-person events.

As we move onward and upward in the struggle, we truly appreciate your ongoing help. Until we meet again at a picket line, demonstration or in the community, thank you for your support.

In Solidarity,
Jed Holtz
Organizer, Freedom Socialist Party NYC Branch

FSP NYC members

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