Why Birth is a Feminist Issue

December 2013

“Control of our bodies, control of our lives!” This chant has been sung out by women over many years. If self-determination applies to all aspects of women’s lives, childbirth belongs… Read more »

Queer liberation and the feminist connection

November 16, 2013

Earlier this year, two socialist feminist organisations—the Freedom Socialist Party (FSP) and Radical Women (RW)—celebrated 30 years of public organising in Australia. The history of both organisations cannot be separated… Read more »


How do you advocate change? Is the Freedom Socialist Party like the Democratic and Republican Parties? Do you think that human nature is basically good? What are the roots of… Read more »

Freedom Socialist Party

The Freedom Socialist Party is a feminist, working-class organization made up of people of many races, nationalities, genders, sexual orientations and ages. We are activists and educators fighting for an… Read more »