Deme una Cuba Libre, por favor

octubre de 1997

LA INCREÍBLE REVOLUCIÓN cubana ocurrió hace 36 años cuando yo era una rebelde de 38 años que se enamoró de ella. Soñaba en tomar, de alguna manera, un vuelo directo… Read more »

Make it one Cuba Libre, please

October 1997

CUBA’S INCREDIBLE REVOLUTION transpired 36 years ago when I was a 38-year-old rebel who fell in love with it. I dreamed of hitching a ride somehow on a direct jet… Read more »

Uncle Sam: Hands off Cuba travellers!

October 1998

“Come to Cuba. See it for yourself. Then you decide what you think.” This was the message that Telma Rodriguez, a Radio Havana Cuba reporter, wanted members of the International… Read more »

Cuba: What’s a revolution to do?

July 2003

Did you know that $20 million U.S. tax dollars, in overt funding alone, have been spent since 1997 to foment “regime change” in Havana? Or that diplomat James Cason in… Read more »