Cuba: What’s a revolution to do?

July 2003

Did you know that $20 million U.S. tax dollars, in overt funding alone, have been spent since 1997 to foment “regime change” in Havana? Or that diplomat James Cason in… Read more »

Free the Cuban Five!

April 2004

In an Orwellian nightmare, five Cubans living in the U.S. are battling long jail terms after warning Cuba of terrorist plots hatched in the USA. The Five — Fernando González,… Read more »

New U.S. threats against Cuba

August 2004

“I have my children here. I can’t wait three years,” protested Gladys Ruiz at Havana’s Jose Martí Airport when asked about the new travel restrictions and sanctions against Cuba that… Read more »

Release the Cuban Five

August 2005

Five Cubans are serving 75 years of jail time and four life terms for attempting to blow the whistle on plotting by U.S. pet-terrorists such as Luis Posada Carriles. The… Read more »