A donation to FSP represents hope for change

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Dear Friend,

It’s my task to enlist your help by asking for a donation for the Seattle branch of the Freedom Socialist Party.

When I first came across the Freedom Socialist Party I was hardening into a cynic. I had been in the workforce from the age of 14 and could not help but notice the people who worked the hardest got paid the least and treated the worst, like dishwashers, farmworkers and mothers. The hard-won victories of the 1960s and 1970s were being dismantled. And our generation, for the first time in U.S. history, would not be better off than our fathers’.

And I could not understand why.

Then I met the people I had always been warned to stay away from – socialists who wanted to totally change the system – the FSP. They saw the sorry mess the world was in but they were not despairing – they were organizing and fighting. They believed, as I came to believe, that the people who ended slavery, defeated fascism, organized unions and won all sorts of battles for people of color, women and queers – that those people – you people – the working class  – had the strength, the heart and the commitment to make things better. It just takes a principled program, bold organizing and persistence.

For the past five decades, the Freedom Socialist Party has asked our supporters for financial help for the important work we do. You have never let us down. Your generosity has done more than keep the lights on and a roof over our heads at New Freeway Hall. You have also helped keep the hope for a better world for all of us alive.

In fact, the Freedom Socialist Party’s tenacious brand of militant, multi-racial, socialist feminism is needed now more than ever.

This past year, the FSP ran a candidate for U.S. Senate, Steve Hoffman. Steve was able to travel and talk about FSP’s socialist program to folks all over the state of Washington. We met great people and found welcome support in cities and small towns far from Seattle.

In the midst of Hoffman’s campaign, we joined with other socialists, anarchists, labor agitators and vets to confront the fascist Proud Boys when they came to town. Always our forces outnumbered them. FSP, along with our sister organization Radical Women, defended abortion clinics targeted by Patriot Prayer, whose racism is only matched by its sexism. The FSP knows that a united front of the Left based in the working class is the best defense against today’s dangerous alt-right, fascist threat.

An educated working class is a powerful working class! I first learned in study groups and forums organized by Seattle FSP about the initial CIO labor struggles, the Wobblies, the heroic histories of immigrants, and the early civil rights and feminist movements. This was an education I never got in school. Learning about what had already been done, as impossible as it must have seemed at the time, gave me to understand what could be conceivable in the future.

All FSP does is possible because of the support we receive from you. We appreciate every dollar you give us and know in our bones how hard you had to work for it. We will put your donations to good use.

Please donate $25, $50, $100 or whatever you can give online here

Or, if you prefer, mail a check to FSP, New Freeway Hall, 5018 Rainier Ave. S., Seattle, WA 98118.

In solidarity,

Bernadette Logue
Freedom Socialist Party – Seattle

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