A program of immediate action for immigrant justice

Man holding a sign that reads
Collage: Freedom Socialist Party. Photo: Jonathan McIntosh.
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Most U.S. residents want a world where migrant families are not tormented, crammed into concentration camps, or left to die in the desert. That world requires open borders, such as the USA had during its first century of existence. This should again be the goal. ICE needs to be dismantled, and its funds could be used for a public works program to build low-income housing for immigrants and other U.S. residents in need.

Some things must be done right now, and should be pressed for!

Halt all ICE raids. Their only purpose is to terrorize immigrants and advance neo-Nazi attempts to close the border.

Stop all deportations. They separate families and often have deadly consequences.

Reunify children severed from their families, adopted out by predatory agencies, or “lost” in concentration camps.

Staff border check-in points adequately so that vulnerable refugees can be assessed and provided with food, clean water, clothes, and medical attention.

Remove Border Patrol agents who have been accused of abusive misconduct.

Close all detention centers, now holding 54,000 people. These “centers” are essentially prisons for the purpose of getting migrants to self-deport, and are against international law. Until the centers are closed, allow independent international observers to monitor and intervene as needed. Doctors Without Borders could assess what medical care is required.

Provide decent shelter and free legal help for all refugees.

Close militarized checkpoints in cities and towns like San Diego and El Paso, so that travelers are no longer forced into killing fields of deserts and mountains.

Right-wing enemies of immigration always object to the cost of doing the right thing. But really, Empire America is hardly impoverished. Its southern border is a bloated military installation used to police and abuse refugees. How to pay for relief like that described above? With the billions of taxpayer dollars reclaimed from closing detention centers, halting raids, and demilitarizing the border.

The estimated 11 million people without documents living in the United States produce food, make clothing, construct houses and other buildings, drive trucks, teach in the schools, and staff the tourist industry. They are workers, and it is in the interest of all working people to fight for their human rights and humane treatment.

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