A solidarity statement to the Egyptian people from the group Left Radical of Afghanistan

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Dear comrades and friends,

We salute your fearless struggle and uprising against cruel regime of Mubarak and express our deep solidarity with brave and hero people of Egypt who stood for their rights and freedom. We have been seriously following up the news and development in your country and hope you further success and final victory. We condole with the martyred’ families and the victims of wild behavior of police of the regime. Your legitimate and brave struggle and revolution in Egypt have not only already inspired the Arab world but also other people around the globe. We call on Mubarak and his parasitic team to leave the power and call upon US and other imperialist countries to hands off Egypt and not support the brutal regimes in Egypt, Tunis and other parts of the world.

The resistance in Afghanistan will surely contribute to the mass struggle in Africa and other parts of the world while the masters/ fathers of the puppet regimes themselves have been suffering from dealing with their internal and external issues such the economic crisis and war in Afghanistan. The 10 years war in Afghanistan completely proved their defeat and paves the way towards awful future for them against the popular anti occupation resistance.

We believe if there is no support of US and EU and other imperialist countries with the puppet and reactionary and parasitic regimes such as Mubarak and Karzai the people of these countries would soon topple them.

Long live Egypt people revolution!

Down with Mubarak regime and its imperialist supporters!

End war and occupation!

Nasir Loyand

Left Radical of Afghanistan (LRA)

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