CRIR statement on Venezuela

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Comrades :

Corriente Socialista Revolucionaria,

El Topo Obrero and

Opción Obrera

Caracas, Venezuela

We stand in solidarity with your call to all socialist, workingclass and revolutionary organizations in Venezuela to participate in the Conference of Union and Popular Forces (Encuentro de Luchadores Sindicales y Populares) initiated by C -CURA (United Autonomous Revolutionary Class Current) and UNTE (National Union of Workers) to be held at the Engineering School in Caracas on March 21 beginning at 8:00am.

We agree that it is urgently necessary for the Venezuelan workingclass and popular leaders to discuss openly and democratically the current political situation unfolding in your country.

The hammering out of independent proposals separate from the government, the employers and imperialism is necessary to meet the needs of the working class and other exploited and oppressed sectors.

The fight to provide these sectors with an independent unified organization capable of coordinating action around an alternative class-based program is always necessary, especially to defend the most vulnerable sectors of society: the elderly, children, single mothers and the sick and disabled.

This is why we agree with you when you write: “that the solutions to the crisis must be come from organized workers relying on our own class forces to propose politically independent solutions.”

We send our greetings to the conference and its conveners who with much determination will be there to raise the banner of self-defense and class independence for the workingclass and popular sectors facing the current situation in Venezuela

Revolutionary greetings,

Committee for Revolutionary International Regroupment (CRIR)

–Núcleo por un Partido Obrero Revolucionario Internacionalista (República Dominicana)

–Partido Obrero Socialista (México)

–Partido Revolucionario de las and los Trabajadores (Costa Rica)

— Freedom Socialist Party (USA)

Issued by:
Freedom Socialist Party, 113 West 128th Street, NY, NY 10027
212-222-0633 (office) or 917-714-6453 (cell)

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