CRIR Statement on Protests in Honduras and Argentina

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In recent weeks, the peoples of Honduras and Argentina have shaken the foundations of capitalism in each of their countries. In Honduras, we have witnessed massive protests against electoral fraud in the recent presidential elections. In Argentina, an attack on retirement pensions has also been roundly rejected in huge anti-government street mobilizations.

On the one hand, there exists the threat of a return of authoritarianism in Central America and Mexico to maintain neoliberal exploitation and the U.S.-sponsored drug war. At the same time, the elite ruling classes of South America are determined to re-inaugurate the Golden Age of neoliberalism that prevailed in the 1990s.

In both cases, the working class has taken to the streets to exercise its power. The peoples of Honduras and Argentina are setting an example and today are an inspiration to the rest of the peoples of the whole continent of America.

The Committee for the International Revolutionary Regroupment (CRIR) welcomes these two developments, which we hope represent the opening salvos of many similar struggles we will see in 2018. As CRIR, we will do everything we can to lend our support and solidarity.

Committee for the Revolutionary International Regroupment (CRIR)
Partido Obrero Socialista (POS), México
Freedom Socialist Party (FSP), U.S. and Australia


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