Free Kadir Çınara’a and all political prisoners in Turkey

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To representatives of the Turkish government:

The Freedom Socialist Party, located in Australia and the United States, is writing to condemn the unjust and arbitrary jailing of the labor leader and socialist Kadir Çinara’a, detained in a round-up of 84 activists in a gestapo-style action by agents of the government of President Erdoğan on the eve of May 1. 

This action was a blatant attempt to intimidate all the social movements in Turkey that stand in solidarity with international labor rights on May Day to commemorate similar attacks on labor activists fighting for the 8-hour day in Chicago in 1886.

We vigorously protest that the charges against him remain secret. We also condemn the government’s smear campaign against Çinara’a, including the false implication of criminal or terrorist activity based on his reported posting of the writings of Leon Trotsky on Facebook.

Kadir Çinara’a’s case illustrates the complete lack of the democratic right of free speech in today’s Turkey, and until such time as he is released and all charges are dropped, we will do everything in our power to publicize his unjust jailing.

In addition, we want to inform you that accountability for the health and welfare of Çinara’a lies totally in the hands of President Erdoğan, who has the power to release him and drop all charges against him and the other jailed activists.


Stephen Durham 
International Secretary 
Freedom Socialist Party, U.S.

Alison Thorne
Freedom Socialist Party, Australia

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