Honduran workers are fighting for independence, freedom, employment, and social rights!

Statement by Committee for Revolutionary International Regroupment (CRIR)

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On September 15 thousands of Honduran workers took to the streets in demonstrations in many cities across the country to mark the date of national independence with struggle. These protests were held to demand genuine independence and democratic rights for the majority of the population under attack by the government of Juan Orlando Hernández (JOH).

JOH is a bourgeois president, an agent of imperialism and linked to drug trafficking. From the beginning, his government has been based on increased repression against workers, students, and small farmers. Now as elections approach, JOH is attempting to prevent the emergence of a working-class electoral alternative. The September 15 protests were met with the usual state repression resulting in 16 arrests of activists and injuring many others.

The Committee for Revolutionary International Regroupment (CRIR) unconditionally supports the struggle of the Honduran people for full national liberation. CRIR also calls for an end to state repression, the persecution of activists, and the overthrow of JOH, an enemy of Honduras and its people. We send our solidarity to Honduran fighters and recognize the fact that this struggle is against both JOH and the other bourgeois alternatives who seek to replace JOH but maintain the current repressive regime of exploitation and oppression intact.

The workers must fight together with all those who have agreed to overthrow JOH and put an end to his social and anti-democratic attacks. But it is fundamental to build an independent working-class alternative that fights for democratic rights and, at the same time, demands jobs, labor rights, social security benefits, government investments in social services, and a workers’ government that can only exist if both imperialism and the national bourgeoisie are expropriated and the wealth of Honduras is controlled by Honduran workers.

Honduras needs a revolution! Recent events show that the people are beginning to mobilize once more. New and even stronger protests are needed along with popular committees to resist government attacks and organize to replace JOH while fighting for people’s power. We call for a broad struggle through direct action under the banner of a revolutionary program to build a popular struggle that unites workers, farmers, the unemployed, women, students, LGBT+ and all the exploited.

CRIR stands ready and available to help strengthen the struggle in Honduras!

Committee for Revolutionary International Regroupment (CRIR)
Partido Socialismo y Libertad – Argentina
Movimento Revolucionário Socialista – Brasil
Freedom Socialist Party – U.S. and Australia
Partido Obrero Socialista – México

Contact: cririnter@gmail.com

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