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Dear Friend,

All newspapers need four ingredients for success: stories to tell; passionate writers with sharp minds; curious and thoughtful readers; and money!

No question, the Freedom Socialist has the first three. But the FS has no corporate or government backing (naturally). The paper relies on friends of honest, inspiring journalism for its financial survival. To that end, we are launching a $100,000 Freedom Socialist Fund Drive. We need your support!

Mainstream and left publications are both failing across the country at staggering rates. Over the past 15 years, 2,100 newspapers have shut down. The result is reporting that’s increasingly homogenized. But the Freedom Socialist refuses to conform!

In print, online, and by audio, the FS is determined to keep providing the news and analysis you need, grounded in a revolutionary feminist perspective. We are proud of our long history of offering bold, reasonable solutions to the suffering caused by class exploitation, despoliation of the planet, and oppression based on gender, race, sexuality – and all the other differences that capitalism uses against us.

To continue this labor of love, we have some pressing material needs! For example, your contribution can help the FS buy urgently required replacements for aging computers and software. (We promise to be thrifty.)

Do your part. Help keep radical journalism alive. Donate online or by sending a check to Freedom Socialist, 5018 Rainier Ave. S., Seattle, WA 98118. Each contribution matters, from $5 to $500. Thank you for your generous support!

In solidarity,
Andrea Bauer
Freedom Socialist Editorial Board

P.S. Get a half-price subscription with your donation! You can specify this when you donate online, or let us know when you send a check.

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