Life after the election – Let’s stand and fight together!

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It’s been a rough few weeks. Police violence escalated in July with the deaths of at least three Black people, four Latinos, and a Latina in just one week. An outpouring of racism followed the killings of cops in Dallas and Baton Rouge, climaxing in an ugly “law and order” Republican convention.

In the middle of all this, Bernie Sanders endorsed warmonger Hillary Clinton, dashing the hopes of Sandernistas who wanted better from the man promoting political revolution. Now, Sanders supporters have assembled here in Philadelphia — the site of the frame-up of Mumia Abu-Jamal — with other progressives, unionists, and radicals.

Here to protest Democratic Party business as usual and strategize about what’s next

The panic over Donald Trump will cause many voters to support Clinton. Others will turn to Jill Stein of the Green Party. But the Freedom Socialist Party (FSP) doesn’t believe that Clinton is the answer to Trump or that Stein is the answer to Clinton. For workers and oppressed people, the only candidate worth supporting is one who says clearly that the capitalist system has got to go — and who belongs to a party capable of keeping its candidate accountable.

However, elections are far from the only avenue of struggle! We don’t have to agree about what to do on November 8 in order to begin our most important work together now.

Let’s make common cause in democratic united fronts

No matter who is elected, there will be urgent work to do combating police brutality, defending anti-racism fighters and immigrants, defeating the push to end unions, restoring reproductive rights, canceling student debt, ending the permanent state of imperialist war, and more. A true united front includes representatives of unions and community groups with different political views but a common aim, agreed-upon points of unity, and working-class leadership. Successful united actions in the social movements could help lay the basis for joint electoral slates in the future.

Socialist organizations need to take the initiative to form united fronts. This will mean setting aside unproductive competitiveness. The times require it! If we work together, we can have an impact.

Needed: elected civilian review boards with real authority over the police

People of color are in the crosshairs of a system in decline. We can’t end all police violence under capitalism, but we can curb it and save lives! One of our campaigns must be for elected civilian review boards with broad powers, answerable to the community and not City Hall. FSP and community activists in New York City have launched such a campaign. Contact us to get involved!

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