No to genocide–support a democratic and secular Palestine

Photo: Wafa.
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The leftist and socialist movement in Afghanistan and all over the world do not have a single opinion not only about Hamas and Palestine, but also about the issue of America and Iran, America and China, the war between Russia and Ukraine, as well as the Afghan anti-occupation resistance movement (2001-2021) and the defeat of America and NATO in Afghanistan.

In our opinion, what distinguishes the Marxist forces and the radical and revolutionary Left from bourgeois political currents and some pseudo leftists is their principled and class approach to issues. If we clearly look at the Palestinian-Israeli war, the main victims are not Hamas and Netanyahu’s party, but the Arab and Jewish workers, women, youth and children—and in general the civilian population of both sides—whose fate is determined by Hamas and Netanyahu; they make them victims of their political and economic interests.

We are sure that the majority of Arab and Jewish people living in Palestine and Israel want to live together in coexistence and peace, but the fascist Jewish and Muslim leaders are spreading hatred and enmity among the people based on their religious teachings and ethnic beliefs.

The war in Gaza and the Palestinian issue cannot be supported or condemned because of the existence of Hamas, but because of the legitimate rights of the Palestinian people against the Israeli regime’s occupation and invasion. It is never logical and justifiable that the Palestinian people should pay compensation for the crimes and holocaust against the Jews in Europe. If the massacre of Jews in Europe was a crime against humanity, why should such a horrible crime be allowed to be repeated in Gaza today under the pretext of destroying Hamas?

In Afghanistan, regardless of the fact that the Taliban group played a major role in the war with the American forces and their mercenary regime in Kabul, the revolutionary and progressive leftist forces were part of the resistance against the US and NATO occupation. During the occupation, the leftist forces of Afghanistan, while fighting against the invading forces of the US and NATO and the puppet regime in Kabul, had a clear position regarding crimes against women and suppression of free thought, as well as the Taliban’s affiliation with neighboring countries and great powers. We warned the people about the consequences of the Taliban coming to power. However, if the left revolutionary forces had been silent against the US/NATO aggressors–because of the presence of the Taliban in the anti-occupation resistance movement—it would have meant that we were siding with the imperialist camp, an incorrect position.

We believe that, like the Taliban in Afghanistan, neither Hamas represents the Palestinian people nor Netanyahu and his party represent the Jewish people. Hamas and the Palestinian Islamic Jihad are the product of the weakness of the leftist, democratic and secular forces in Palestine and the help of the Israeli and imperialist intelligence agencies. In the 1960s and 1970s, besides Fatah, secular organizations such as the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP) and the Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine (DFLP) were the strongest organizations in the occupied territories. But the rulers of Israel could not tolerate a strong democratic and secular movement in Palestine.

In a 2019 Likud party meeting, Netanyahu gloated to his compatriots: “Anyone who wants to thwart the establishment of a Palestinian state has to support bolstering Hamas and transferring money to Hamas. This is part of our strategy — to isolate the Palestinians in Gaza from the Palestinians in the West Bank.”

Speaking on the same subject in a 2019 TV interview, Israeli Major General Gershon Hacohen, an associate of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, said, “We need to tell the truth. Netanyahu’s strategy is to prevent the option of two states, so he is turning Hamas into his closest partner. Openly Hamas is an enemy. Covertly, it’s an ally.”

Of course, it was clear that the democratic, secular and left opposition in the Palestinian land was never acceptable for the Zionist regime of Israel. For this reason, the Zionist regime and its supporters strengthened Hamas and the extremist Islamic forces, and gave them the opportunity to grow, in order to indirectly hinder the growth of democratic and secular forces in Palestine, while at the same time using Hamas’s anti-Semitic position, to gain national and international sympathy and legitimize their massacre and occupation in Palestine.

Reactionary or extremist Islamic trends in countries with strategic positions for the US and imperialists always use them as an effective war tool against their strategic enemies. The most obvious example was the creation, arming and funding of fundamentalist Islamic and Jihadi parties, as well as al-Qaeda, in Afghanistan in the 1980s to use against the former Soviet Union. During the Soviet war in Afghanistan, the United States and its allies supported Islamic acid-throwing parties, such as the Hizb-i-Islami faction led by war lord Gullbuddin Hekmatyar, and made them into “heroes” in the war to defeat their Cold War opponents.

It didn’t matter to the US and its European allies that misogynist Hekmatyar threw acid on university girls in Kabul in the 70s or killed many intellectuals, democrats, secularists and leftists as well as progressive revolutionaries in Afghanistan and Pakistan in the 80s. The same fundamentalist Islamic parties, which thought of themselves as independent and considered Jihad with the infidels a religious duty, fought with the eastern infidels and “communists,” while boasting of cooperation and obedience to the western infidels, Jews and Christians.

In 2001, the United States and its NATO allies overthrew the Taliban government for supporting “terrorism” and violating “human rights” and “women’s rights”, but after twenty years of war and killing and destruction of infrastructure, the imperialists handed over power to the misogynistic and anti-freedom Taliban. The United States and the so-called international community, despite the opposition of the Afghan people and ongoing women’s protests, gives the Taliban government $40 million in cash aid every week and always ignores the severe violation of human rights and women’s rights in Afghanistan.

Therefore, emphasizing the factor of Hamas simply because of its position of extreme Islam, anti-Semitism or its connection with Qatar, Iran and regional intelligence, but forgetting the class position and program of Hamas, can actually produce the result that “political Islam” is more dangerous than the main usurpers of the bread and life of the Arab and Jewish workers and masses. From another point of view, just as the Taliban in Afghanistan does not represent the interests of the workers and the poor layers of society, and is not considered an independent force, Hamas and other Islamic forces cannot be anti-capitalist and will ultimately protect private ownership of the means of production, exploitation and gender apartheid.

Hamas and Palestinian Jihad and other Islamist forces do not have any democratic and justice-oriented program for all the Palestinian people after the victory, and they do not believe in the equality of religions, the equality of men and women, civil liberties or secularism. These extremist religious forces in Palestine will, in the best case, establish a type of government similar to the Islamic Republic of the fascist mullahs in Iran or the Taliban Islamic Emirate based on Sharia law in Afghanistan.

According to the way of thinking of the two main factions in the war in Palestine, both adhere to religious and ethnic fascism and are determined not to destroy each other, but to implement a project of hatred and genocide. Netanyahu’s government is actually committing massacres in Gaza under the pretext of destroying Hamas, and Hamas and other Islamic movements are still talking about the destruction of the Jewish generation.

The fact that some people in Palestine support Hamas is not because of the excellent program and good approach of Hamas, but because of the reaction of the Palestinian people to the barbarism and naked aggression of the Zionist regime of Israel.

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