Open letter to Sue Kay Braun, United States Ambassador to Montenegro

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By Marko Milačić, journalist at the Montenegrin weekly journal Monitor

You are preparing for a new war – you and your superiors. The destroyed Libyan soil is not even cold yet from your bombs before you once again load the warships in the Mediterranean with Tomahawk missiles. Gaddafi’s blood has not yet even been washed off but you already have a new target, Bashar al-Assad. You fight wars in your sleep. You fight wars while you negotiate. You like to fight wars. You enjoy warfare. War, Mrs. Braun, is to you and yours, evidently – oxygen cylinders. Your natural state. Your state of peace.

You fight wars on multiple fronts at the same time. Starting new wars, without finishing the ones you have already started. You fight wars for peace, it is said, but in your wars for peace, there is as much peace as in our war for peace in the nineties. Not even a hint. You have transformed your country, since more than half a century ago, to a country for war, a country in war, and a country of war. The Tomahawk country.

To quote the world famous intellectual Tariq Ali: “War is now a legitimate instrument as long as it is used with permission from the US or, rather, with direct participation by the US. This colonization in the 2000’s is supported by the global media network, the pillar in the political and military operations.”

You fight wars on land: Afghanistan, Iraq … You fight wars from the air: Yugoslavia, Lybia … You fight wars from the sea. War with the approval by the UN’s Security Council. War without approval by the UN’s Security Council. Fighting with the leadership of NATO. You fight wars on your own. You fight wars with the support of allies. You fight wars without the support of allies. You fight wars publicly as well as in secret. You fight wars out of necessity. You fight wars for your own interests. You fight “preventive” wars. You fight “humanitarian” wars. You fight ”merciful” wars. You fight wars for “love.” Almost every American president since the Second World War has had a pet and his war.

You fight wars with a military budget of $800 billion, which is more than the military budgets of all the other countries in the world combined! You invaded Iraq concealed with lies that your former friend Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction. Your intention was to attack Syria because the Assad regime is said to have used chemical weapons, which you have not been able to prove thoroughly enough. You ruined Libya and eliminated your old partner Gaddafi because of exaggerated claims of civilian victims, which have never been proved. You invaded Afghanistan, as a result of the collapse of the twin towers, to search there, in the rocky mountains, for a handful of alleged outlaws. We are speaking of the Taliban, who by the way were created by you, with the trigger of the CIA, during the seventies. You say that you are fighting a war against terrorism and are thereby fueling terrorism. Your country is, thus, the largest exporter of terrorism in the world.

You fought wars, you bombed: … Korea 1950-1943, Guatemala 1954, Indonesia 1958, Cuba 1959-1961, Guatemala 1960, Congo 1964, Peru 1965, Laos 1964-1973, Vietnam 1961-1973, Cambodia 1969-1970, Guatemala 1967-1969, Grenada 1983, Lebanon 1983-1984, El Salvador and Nicaragua – the eighties, Libya 1986, Iran 1987, Panama 1989, Iraq 1991, Somalia 1993, Sudan 1998, Afghanistan 1998, Yugoslavia 1999, Afghanistan 2001, Iraq 2003, Libya 2012 … Next up is Syria, a sovereign country. On your way to sovereign Iran tomorrow. Then, on to sovereign Russia, the day after tomorrow. War on all forms of sovereignty, to the benefit of your own, imposed with violence.

Your most well-known trademark in the world is not Coca Cola, it is war. Not the civilian four wheel by Ford, but the military apache helicopter. Not New York Times, but an aircraft carrier. Not McDonalds, but Pentagon. You fight wars with the support of your nearly thousand military bases (for more details, see the book The Sorrows of empire, by the American Chalmers Johnson) which you have based all over the world, on all continents except for the Antarctic, including one of the largest (visible from the moon), Bondsteel, here, in your Kosovo.

An illustration of your peacefulness: up until the beginning of the seventies, the island Diego Garcia in the Indian Ocean was inhabited by the local population. During the fifties, Great Britain began an ethnic cleansing there, to be able to rent the island to you, the United States, for military purposes. Today you can find here one of the total three antennas which are part of the global positioning system (GPS) and the most important military base in the Indian Ocean.

The indigenous people and their children are since then fighting for their right to return. The Chagossians, about a hundred persons, were in April 2006 allowed to visit the island for a week to visit the graves of their loved ones and to see their home towns under the escort of US army soldiers. For a week! Accompanied by soldiers! Visiting their own country. You fight wars in all kinds of ways, everywhere, all the time.

You fight wars and rouse others to fight wars. Other people’s wars, if there are any wars that you are not involved in, you use for your warfare. The latest findings, based on documents by the CIA: Washington (that now wants to bomb Syria due to alleged use of chemical weapons) provided Iraq with classified information during the Iraq-Iran war in the eighties. Even though you knew that Iraq would use chemical weapons.

You fight wars by means of all methods, Mrs Brown. How can one forget 1974 and the revelation by your political strategist Henry Kissinger, the former White House national security councilor, something which the acclaimed historian William Engdal writes about in detail. Let us remember: It is about a document, a memorandum of a study for the National Security Council 200, shortened to NSSM200. Your president Gerald Ford issued a document which confirmed the need for “American control of issues of the world’s population!” He states, among other things, that population growth, in some developing countries which have the strategic resources needed for the welfare of the United States economy, is a potential “threat to the national security in the US.” If you read between the lines, Mrs Braun, this is oozing with something much more dangerous that any earlier war in the history of the world.

By aiding guerillas and resistance groups around the world, as long as their wars and agendas are in line with yours, you are ruining countries around the world. To you this is merely collateral damage. There, in your matrix of global politics even we in Montenegro live. You know without a doubt, Mrs Braun, who our sevenfold premier minister Milo Đukanović is. It is, after all, you who have created him. You needed him earlier in your war against Slobodan Milošević, and now, to secure Montenegro NATO membership. Even more dangerously: you still and stubbornly protect him.

Thereby “You and Yours” become his accomplices, Mrs Brown. You know in detail what type of politician we are speaking of: in the verdict of the Court of Cassation in 2004 Milo Đukanović is described as a “dangerous international criminal” whose arrest the court demanded! The man whose name appeared in the first place among the fifteen persons suspected of criminal organising, which is currently archived. The politician of whom the former Italian minister of finance, the longstanding boss for the state bureau of mafia prevention, Otaviano del Turko, has said “Without Đukanović Prudentino would not exist – the most powerful, richest and most dangerous smuggler in the Mediterranean. On the other hand, without Prudentino there would not be a Đukanović.”

Mrs Brown, had you listened to your great thinkers, for example the always current – Martin Luther – King you would never have concluded this: that is that you consequently for decades, have transformed the US to a frightening country, a country of batons, a country of brutal violence, experts of war, and with that – the cause of much suffering.

For your and our sake, do not help in this way. Not in Iran. Not in Syria. Not in Europe nor in Montenegro. Please.

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