Over $4,000 raised for Afghan radicals and feminists

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Dear Friends,

THANK YOU to all who made such generous contributions to the Solidarity Fund for Afghan Progressives and Feminists.

In a few short weeks, we raised over $4,000 for the Left Radical of Afghanistan, one of several women’s rights, secularist and progressive forces behind the pro-working class, anti-Taliban and anti-occupation publication Eteraz (Protest).

In the period before the appeal went out, the Eteraz staff and their families were forced to go into hiding, the offices of their publication were raided by Taliban intelligence forces, and the Eteraz editor was forced into exile in Germany, after a vicious beating at the hands of Taliban thugs. Additionally, two homes of their comrades in Laghman and Takhar provinces were searched. Donations can still be sent here.

Resistance continues despite the dangers. Most recently, on October 21, women and young girls rallying for their rights, including to education, were seriously beaten by the Taliban and detained for three hours before being bailed out. At least three journalists covering the protest were also assaulted.

You may have read that Afghans generally are facing a dire situation this winter, described here by Left Radical of Afghanistan: “As the UN reported, more than 90 percent of the entire population of Afghanistan will be under the poverty line in the coming year; it will be really a human disaster because of hunger and poverty, unemployment and the absence of essential services offered by the government.”

Despite the setbacks and dangers ahead, Left Radical of Afghanistan continues to write analytical articles so that their countrymen and women, as well as readers around the world, can assess the unfolding situation in Afghanistan and mount resistance to the Islamist reactionaries.

Recently they sent their thanks to the Freedom Socialist Party “and the great people in USA and Australia who generously donated to the in-need progressive leftists in Afghanistan.”

The December-January 2021 issue of the Freedom Socialist newspaper will carry an article by the LRA entitled “Women under the Second Taliban Government.” I urge you to get a subscription now, during our fall subscription drive. One year is only $5.00. And once again, many, many thanks for your generosity, internationalism and human kindness.

In struggle,

Guerry Hoddersen
Freedom Socialist Party, Chair
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