Recommendations for the November 3, 2015 San Francisco Municipal Election

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October 14, 2015

Dear Friends:

San Francisco’s November 3 general election offers voters the usual mixed bag of ballot measures and candidates for various offices. We are disappointed to have no recommendations for elected officials because there are no boldly up-front, anti-capitalist candidates running. This is an unfortunate development that allows the Democrats to continue welcoming in big business and pushing out working class and poor San Franciscans.

Among this year’s propositions, there are five proposed housing reforms to consider. Some are more likely to serve developers than renters or homeowners but some are worthwhile. Locally, we call upon the city to severely restrict evictions, apply strict rent control to all rental units, and move aggressively to buy land and vacant units for public housing. However, to solve the current housing crisis a national, not merely local, solution is needed. While we support a few proposed reforms, we also call for a massively funded federal housing program and a comprehensive jobs program guaranteeing union wages for all. Finally, billionaires and corporations must pay their taxes – these funds could easily pay for ample public housing plus other needed public services.

While voting is a hard-won right that we encourage everyone to exercise, the greatest change will come from organizing and fighting back. We want to hear from you! If you would like to discuss issues raised in this letter or are interested in getting involved, please contact me at or 415-864-1278. Visit us at and on facebook for news updates, upcoming activities, and “take action” issues.

In solidarity,
Luma Nichol
Bay Area Organizer
Freedom Socialist Party

Summary of Ballot Recommendations

November 3, 2015 San Francisco Municipal Election

(You may take this summary with you into the voting booth.)

No endorsements
San Francisco Ballot Measures
Prop A (Affordable Housing Bond)Voter decide
Prop B (Paid Parental Leave for City Employees)YES
Prop C (Expenditure Lobbyists)NO
Prop D (Mission Rock)NO
Prop E (Requirements for Public Meetings)YES
Prop F (Short-Term Residential Rentals)YES
Prop G (Disclosures Regarding Renewable Energy)NO
Prop H (Clean, Green and Renewable Energy)YES
Prop I (Moratorium on Development in the Mission)YES
Prop J (Legacy Business Historic Preservation Fund)NO
Prop K (Surplus Public Lands)Voter decide

To download a PDF of our recommendations, click here.

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