Resolution for MLK Labor and its affiliates to defend democratic rights

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This resolution brought to Washington Federation of State Employees Local 304 asks Local 304 to call on MLK Labor, the King County labor council, to help organize mass mobilizations to defend democratic rights. The resolution passed on October 19.

This action by WFSE Local 304 follows a recent resolution passed by the Rochester Labor Council in New York calling for a country-wide general strike if Donald Trump tries to steal the election. These are heartening instances of unions stepping up to fight for the basic freedoms of all workers, from the right to organize and protest to the right to vote without intimidation or suppression and have that vote counted. In the midst of multiple historic crises, the labor movement has a crucial role to play in defending the working class and oppressed people.

Whereas we face a serious threat to democratic rights this election through voter intimidation, suppression, and the threat of violence; and

Whereas president Trump is undermining the legitimacy of any outcome unfavorable to himself and has urged far-right supporters like the Proud Boys to attack those seeking justice; and

Whereas the Rochester, New York labor council, showing all of labor how seriously we should take this threat, has passed a resolution in support of a general strike in the event that Trump refuses a peaceful transition of power; and

Whereas if we allow the Trump administration to trample our democratic rights, including the right to vote and protest, the rights to organize and collectively bargain will soon be lost;

Therefore be it resolved that MLK Labor help organize mass mobilizations during and after the election process to defend voters from intimidation, and to vigorously protest if Trump attempts to steal the election, or refuses to leave office if he loses; and

Be it further resolved that our unions and labor councils join forces with our natural allies in Black, Indigenous, other people of color, immigrant, Jewish and LGBTQ communities, and that labor provide a disciplined presence that can stop attacks by white supremacists and ultra-right thugs and prevent any potential local or federal police repression of protests; and

Be it finally resolved that MLK Labor urge its affiliates and the Washington State Labor Council to fully participate in such mobilizations and help spread them statewide.

Submitted by Washington Federation of State Employees Local 304
Loretta Gutierrez
President, WFSE Local 304

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