Statement on the January 6 revolt — Come together to defeat the ultraright!

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Statement by the Freedom Socialist Party and Radical Women.

The unprecedented far-right invasion of the U.S. Capitol on January 6 featured thousands of armed insurgents attempting to intimidate legislators certifying Electoral College votes for president. They were directly incited by Donald Trump, who urged them to descend on the congressional building and “fight much harder” to keep him in power after his clear loss to Joe Biden. 

Members of the mob, some of them carrying Confederate flags, were overwhelmingly white and mainly male. Security was virtually invisible as protesters broke windows to gain entry and brandished prohibited weapons. The passive behavior of an initially small police force stood in stark contrast to cops’ out-of-control violence against unarmed Black Lives Matter and radical demonstrators earlier in the year.

The debacle also exposed the phony democracy of a country whose ruling class sets itself up as the ultimate arbiter of “freedom” around the world. A prime mover in this sham is the Electoral College, which has the power to override the popular vote and has done so four times, including in the election of Donald Trump.  

Trump was the catalyst for the reactionary rebellion on January 6. But its fundamental cause is the profound, unresolved economic and social problems of capitalism: the system’s inequalities, instability, and inability to provide for people’s basic needs. As everyday people of all colors suffer, some who enjoy the relative privilege that comes with being white, male and U.S.-born have responded with vicious scapegoating and xenophobia. The Trump loyalists seen at the Capitol number among them.

The battle against the Trumpite spawn (and affiliated fascists and near-fascists) is far from over. And it will not be won by Biden or the leaders of either ruling-class party, who have been moving rightward and making war on working people at home and abroad for decades.

The Freedom Socialist Party and Radical Women have a long record of successfully countering the ultra-right and white supremacists. History teaches us that the only way exploited and oppressed people can shut the bullies down is by acting together to militantly defend everyone under attack – to fight as one. To secure our victory against the reactionaries, we seek to replace the ugly violence and poverty of the capitalist world with a collectively run society where health, education and peace are not sacrificed to the exalted lords of profit.

Fight the right and oppose their multi-issue bigotry! Dump the Electoral College! Defend democratic rights! 

To get involved with Radical Women or the Freedom Socialist Party, call or email one of the national or local offices.

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