Stop the far right with a global, feminist united front

Students walk out in support of Palestine. Wollongong, New South Wales
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Women are rising! We’re workers organizing; First Nations resisting; queer and trans folks asserting our right to exist; immigrants crossing borders in search of safety; young people demanding a secure future; cis, trans and nonbinary people fighting for reproductive justice; fighters against environmental extinction; and more.

Working women’s toughness and fighting spirit are urgently needed today, as we face down ultra-right forces growing through the cracks of a collapsing global economy. From the U.S. to Australia, Iran to Israel, Russia to Argentina, across Europe and beyond, the right wing’s mission is to save this woman-hating, life-sucking system of capitalist rule.

But women are fighting back! In Ukraine they take up arms against Russia’s invasion. Russian women have stood with them, leading daring protests to stop the war despite Putin’s brutal crackdown. Afghan women courageously defy the Taliban, clandestinely holding classes and taking their demand for “Bread, Work, Freedom!” to the streets.

The raw endurance of Palestinian women against unimaginable brutality has inspired solidarity of the entire world and First Peoples everywhere. “Woman, Life, Freedom,” the call of Iranian women against their reactionary theocracy, rings around the globe. This slogan comes from Kurdish women across Iran, Turkey, Iraq and Syria whose fight for a free homeland is unstoppable.

Profits and patriarchy

The far right wants to bolster the profit economy and its patriarchal social structure by enforcing gender roles and keeping women underpaid and providing free labour in the home. Our opponents seek to crush labour and incite white supremacy and xenophobia as forces of division within the working class. But resistance is fierce.

In the U.S., the National Mobilization for Reproductive Justice, initiated by Radical Women, is bringing together women and nonbinary people, queers and unionists of all colors — not only to restore abortion access but to fight for full reproductive rights. In Australia, trans and queer communities have consistently led mobilizations against patriarchs in Parliament and uniformed Nazis on the ground. Huge turnouts, such as Melbourne’s 5,000-strong Trans Day of Visibility in 2023, show the depth and breadth of community anger.

Women, trans and queer people of Ukraine, Russia, India, Singapore, and numerous African countries are organizing against similar controls on their lives. Women were the face of Argentina’s January national general strike against Trumpian President Javier Milei’s “shock therapy” economic measures. Their past experience in opposing dictatorship, fighting femicide and winning abortion rights has prepared them.

Uproot emerging führers

The über right’s growth reveals capitalism’s instability. But women’s uprisings prove our strength and reflect our history. International Women’s Day was inspired by a huge strike of immigrant women garment workers in New York City on March 8, 1908. On IWD 1917 in Russia, striking women textile workers’ demand for “Peace, Land and Bread” ignited the world’s first socialist revolution. In 2020, 80,000 women in Mexico City marched against femicide on March 8 and the next day women across Mexico shut the country down by staying home from work and school to protest gender violence.

A united front of everyone targeted by the far right is the time-tested way to beat back reaction. With leadership of the most oppressed within the working class, democratic functioning, and a strong program, a united front draws on everyone’s energy and insights while recognizing different perspectives.

On an international scale such unity would be even more formidable. Women who face down the barrel of a tank — like brave sisters in Afghanistan, Kurdish territories and Palestine — are reaching out to siblings around the world for support. Solidarity comes from knowing that our liberation struggles are bound together by a common capitalist/imperialist enemy. We need each other. In unifying our power, we could eradicate the far right and the profit system that fuels it. It’s time to finish what our Russian foremothers started in 1917: transforming the world through socialist feminist revolution.

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