The mad US militarists and the innocent children of Kandahar

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Statement by Left Radical Organization of Afghanistan (LRA)

Early on Sunday morning March 11, a group of US Special Forces, based in Panjwaie district of Kandahar province of Afghanistan, madly attacked a village and opened fire on people, killing more than 16 civilians, including children and women, and seriously injuring eight others. Then the group collected the dead bodies and injured victims and set them on fire. The US Special Forces group then left the village and returned to their base.

Based on accounts by witnesses and injured people who survived this atrocity, the perpetrators of this dreadful crime were a group of gunmen belonging to the US Special Forces, not a single man. This claim is confirmed by Dr. Mahmood and Lalai Hamidzai, MPs from Kandahar province.

This tragic massacre by US forces in Kandahar is so notorious that the US government is blaming the event on an individual solder who suffered from mental problems. In this way the Obama administration tries to reduce the importance of this criminal act and hide the real story from the anti-war and anti-capitalist people of America and the world. If it was only a single solder behind the bloody attack, it would have been very easy for the poor, but brave, villagers of Panjwai to give him a lesson, as they did with Dr. Brydon, a UK army Commander in the First Anglo-Afghan War.

Is it really a question that the US army and Special Forces are made up of individuals with mental problems? According to the recent month’s news, US forces in Afghanistan bombarded a wedding party in Kunar province; bombarded a girl’s school in Jalalabad; cut off the fingers of dead bodies in Kandahar; urinated on dead bodies in Helmand; tortured prisoners to death in Bagaram and Kandahar provinces; let the dogs on women and children during home searches in Khost province; committed sexual harassment in the Eastern and Southern provinces; shot drivers and people on the roads in order to open their way, etc. There are hundreds of such cases that never are covered by the media.

Left Radical Organization of Afghanistan intensively condemns the brutal massacre of US forces in Kandahar and asks the conscious people of America and the world to continue their solidarity with the anti-occupation resistance in Afghanistan and to fight for immediate withdrawal of all invader forces from Afghanistan. The people of Afghanistan and the victims’ families never asked Obama and Karzai to put them in this terrible situation, under the feet of aggressive forces. The people of Afghanistan and the victims will never knock on the doors of the UN and European Union asking for their “humanitarian measures” and judgment because they are the partners in this catastrophic scenario in Afghanistan.

The workers, the oppressed and the youth of Afghanistan along with anti-imperialist and anti-capitalist workers and youths must join their hands to resist and defend the right to live in peace and fully enjoy social, political and economical freedoms.

The imperialists and their herd of soldiers and police seem to take joy in seeing workers and the oppressed wet with their own blood, even innocent children—all to insure profit for the bosses. The mad men and mental patients must be treated in hospitals, not deployed in the field of war. It is not only the individual solders involved in this massacre but also Obama, Panetta, etc. who are responsible and must be held accountable to history and the people of Afghanistan, as well as to the murdered innocent little girls themselves.

Left Radical Organization of Afghanistan (LRA)


Dear Comrades,

We are very sad to learn of the horrible massacre in Kandahar and send you and the victims’ families and friends our deepest sympathy and our pledge to continue fighting to end the occupation.

A former US soldier was quoted in the newspaper this morning saying this is what comes of 10 years of permanent war. It is also what comes of US imperialism without a strong antiwar movement at home. It is a shame that so much of the U.S. anti-war movement was blinded by the election of a Black Democrat as president. Democrats can get away with more war-making than even the Republicans. It is why we have launched a socialist campaign for president this year. We are calling for the end of the occupation of Afghanistan, the closing of 1000 US bases around the world and bringing all US troops back home. You can follow the campaign at We will posting your statement on our web site.

In struggle,
Guerry Hoddersen
Freedom Socialist Party, US International Secretary

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