The second round of the bloody American game in Afghanistan

US representative Zalmay Khalilzad (left) and Taliban representative Abdul Ghani Baradar (right) sign a peace agreement in Doha, Qatar on February 29, 2020.
US representative Zalmay Khalilzad (left) and Taliban representative Abdul Ghani Baradar (right) sign a peace agreement in Doha, Qatar on February 29, 2020.
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In January 2020, the organization Left Radical of Afghanistan launched a publication called Eteraz (Protest) which was distributed publicly among workers, women, students and teachers in most of the country’s 34 provinces. Among those who worked on Eteraz were socialists, women’s rights advocates, secularists and civil liberties adherents. They published their final edition in August, but since the fall of the US-led government in Kabul on August 15, they and their families have either been forced to go into hiding or been internally displaced. They are now without jobs or income. The article below was published from the underground on September 2, 2021 analyzing the situation at that time.

The Freedom Socialist Party, U.S. and Australia, are working on putting together an international effort to aid these comrades. Click here if you would like to make a donation to assist them. Please note it is for Eteraz families. FSP will see it gets to them.

Still stories of hellish situation at Kabul airport. Shocking reports of young people being dropped from American planes, and shootings at poor civilians by joint security guards of the U.S. and the Taliban at the Kabul airport are still fresh when two heavy bombs exploded near the airport gate under U.S. control and shortly after the U.S. troops opened fire on the crowd of civilians. The bombings and shootings (by U.S. troops) killed more than 200 civilians, including women and children, and injured about 350 others. Immediately after the incident, the Khurasan ISIS group claimed responsibility for the deadly blasts.

As the “Left Radical of Afghanistan” has mentioned in its previous articles, U.S. imperialism and its NATO allies have their own strategic goals in Afghanistan and the region that they are trying to achieve in various ways. They promoted terrorism under the banner of counter-terrorism. By waging war in Afghanistan, Iraq, and Syria, the United States has managed to keep the war out of its borders and divert the attention of its people from America’s internal crises, class divisions, discrimination, and social injustice.

The shameless defeat of the U.S. and NATO in Afghanistan and the withdrawal of their troops does not mean the end of their intervention. The United States and its allies change their puppet regimes, organizations, and networks whenever they deem necessary to expand and pursue their hegemonic and predatory policies. One day they make a group heroes and the next day terrorists, one day a person becomes the world’s second most influential thinker and the next day the world’s greatest corruptor and thief. These cases now are happening with the Taliban and Ashraf Ghani, ISIS and the al-Qaeda Network.

The United States and its allies invaded Afghanistan at the end of 2001 and overthrew the Taliban regime for supporting al-Qaeda and Osama bin Laden. They have killed and injured nearly one million Afghans and forced other millions of helpless people to leave their homes and homeland in 20 years under the pretext of avenging 9/11, fighting terrorism, bringing democracy to Afghanistan and ensuring human rights and women’s rights. But 20 years later, neither terrorism has been eradicated, nor democracy has been established, nor have war criminals and human rights violators been brought to justice.

After the overthrow of the Taliban regime, the United States and NATO created a corrupt regime in Afghanistan, funded fraudulent elections, and promoted poppy cultivation and trade. In addition to the Taliban, they have bred and trained 20 other armed terrorist groups as their reserve forces.

Russia, China and Iran have been concerned about the U.S. military occupation of Afghanistan since its inception. In addition to other US and NATO economic goals in Afghanistan, another major goal is to destabilize China, Russia and Iran. That is why these countries have secretly and openly started helping the Taliban to protect themselves and their allies.

When the Americans realized their failure, they were forced to sign an agreement with the Taliban in Doha in February 2020. Under this accord the Americans promised to withdraw their troops from Afghanistan and the Taliban promised to not target their interests; the Taliban promised not to use Afghan soil against the United States and its allies. But what is clear is that the imperialist nature of the United States does not allow it to survive without war, intervention, and violence, and the Taliban is not an independent group committed to its agreements. If the Doha Accords between the United States and the Taliban reduce the flames war in Afghanistan, ISIS and other terrorist groups backed by the United States and other countries will still continue their terrorist attacks and take responsibility for terrorist operations in the region.

On August 27 in an interview with CNN, Ryan Crocker, the former U.S. ambassador to Afghanistan, said that the U.S. withdrawal from Afghanistan would embolden militant groups in other countries and that what is happening in Afghanistan today would be extending to other countries too as the real war has not yet begun and is on its way.

Given that no one can easily distinguish between the Taliban, ISIS and the Haqqani network, al-Qaeda and other terrorist networks, the United States will seek to use these groups at various levels to achieve its regional goals. And the real war will begin, according to Crocker.

A bloody terrorist explosion on the gate of Kabul International Airport on August 26, 2021, a U.S. drone strike on ISIS in Nangarhar province on August 27, 2021, and an attack on a civilian vehicle in Kabul killing members of a family, including three children, which was accused of being affiliated with ISIS on August 28, 2021 ─ all of these planned actions have at least two messages. Firstly, the United States wants to warn the Taliban that if it disobeys the United States, it will strengthen the ISIS group to challenge the Taliban government in terms of security, and secondly, if the Taliban runs the country to its liking, the United States will lobby to show them as innocent and ISIS as terrorists, and thus pave the way for recognition of the Taliban regime. 

Simultaneously with the U.S. withdrawal from Afghanistan, the CIA chief met with Taliban officials in Kabul, propagandized against ISIS, and denounced the arrival of Amin al-Haq, a key member of the al-Qaeda network from Pakistan to Kandahar province. This can all be interpreted as American imperialism inaugurating a second bloody phase in Afghanistan and in the region.

Left Radical of Afghanistan (LRA)
September 2, 2021

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