Solidariedade com o povo palestino! Pelo fim do bombardeio criminoso israelense sobre Gaza por parte deste Estado colonizador racista!

O Comitê para o Reagrupamento Revolucionário Internacional condena os ataques aéreos mortais contra homens, mulheres e crianças palestinos em Gaza
28 maio 2021

Solidarity with the Palestinian people! Stop the criminal Israeli bombings of Gaza by this racist, colonial settler state!

The Committee for Revolutionary International Regroupment condemns the murderous airstrikes on Palestinian in Gaza by the lawless Zionist state of Israel. Available in Spanish and Portuguese.
May 28, 2021

Todo apoio à luta do povo colombiano!

Trabalhadores e jovens colombianos estão nas ruas lutando contra os ataques do presidente Iván Duque e exigindo a prisão dos
20 de maio de 2021

All support to the struggle of the Colombian people!

Colombian workers and youth are fighting against the attacks of President Ivan Duque and those responsible for the more than 35 deaths in the mass protests that have been occurring since April 28.
May 20, 2021

Stand with the Palestinian people: End the Israeli bombing of Gaza!

The Freedom Socialist Party condemns Israel’s mid-May bombardment of Gaza and state backing of settlers’ assaults on Palestinians in the Sheikh Jarrah section of East Jerusalem.
May 21, 2021

George Floyd’s murderer found guilty: not justice, but a long-overdue reckoning

Derek Chauvin's guilty verdicts are a testament to the power of the Black Lives Matter movement – but still a far cry from justice as the fight to stop cop murders continues.

Stop Anti-Asian Attacks with Multiracial Community Defense

Joint statement by National Comrades of Color Caucus of the Freedom Socialist Party & Radical Women
April 7, 2021

As tarefas dos socialistas na nova situação internacional

A pandemia Covid-19 já ceifou mais de um milhão de vidas. E os números oficiais são apenas a ponta de
5 de novembro de 2020

Women Rise Up Globally Against Femicide: International Women’s Day Celebration

On March 13, join an international Zoom celebration of the socialist-inspired day to honor working women.

“Apocalyptic” crisis in the Central African Republic follows presidential election

The history, players, and motives behind CAR's most recent upwelling of all-out violence and people's resulting displacement and anguish.
February 12, 2021

The Unfinished Revolution: Black Reconstruction Today

On Feb. 21, for Black History Month, join in a discussion about the kind of movement and demands needed to win massive social restructuring.
February 11, 2021

We need a multiracial movement

The ruling class and the far right both want us divided and at each other's throats on the basis of race, gender, and more. We say no.
January 25, 2021