August 12th – Victory!

On August 12 in Washington D.C., the working class accomplished a big victory. Only 2 dozen fascists showed up for the "Unite the Right 2" rally.
August 14, 2018

Tens of thousands protest in Tel Aviv against new legislation declaring Israel an explicitly Jewish nation

In what was probably the largest of several protests in recent weeks, Israeli Arabs and Jews demonstrated together on August 11 against a law enshrining inequality.

Don’t let the corporate media win – vote for Steve Hoffman

In a 29-person race, two candidates are hogging the business-media spotlight, corporate fangirl Maria Cantwell and gun-toting xenophobe Joey Gibson. The establishment press is ignoring socialist feminist Steve Hoffman, but working people and justice-seekers around the state are not!
August 3, 2018

Steve Hoffman campaign statement: A plan to address the housing crisis

Solutions like relying on the market to solve this urgent economic and human rights problem are phony through and through. For real relief, let's stop vilifying public housing, and expand it to meet the need!
July 22, 2018

Sejamos realistas a respeito do Partido Democrata

This article in English Cada período eleitoral é um momento de grande ansiedade para os eleitores dos Estados Unidos e

Video: Israeli activists join Gaza protesters on other side of the fence

On Friday, July 20, Israeli and international solidarity activists joined the Palestinian protest against the Zionist occupation from the other side of the border.
July 20, 2018

¡Alto a la violencia de Trump contra los refugiados y sus hijos! ¡Abramos las fronteras!

Declaración del Comité por el Reagrupamiento Internacional Revolucionario (CRIR) Como parte de la política de "Tolerancia Cero” contra los centroamericanos que huyen
5 de julio de 2018

Stop Trump’s violence against refugees and their children! Open the borders!

A call to unite and mobilize to end the racist, xenophobic policy of the Trump government, which represents a real danger to the most basic freedoms and civil rights.
July 5, 2018

Hoffman campaign statement: After Janus ruling, workers need to come out swinging

The labor movement is now in a fight for its life, and workers who are the lowest paid and most discriminated against are the ones with the motivation and power to save it.

Know Your Rights: A warning to activists about the FBI

The FBI recently visited reproductive rights activists in the Seattle area. Remember: don't talk!
June 13, 2018

Reproductive rights champions stand strong against Patriot Prayer

A media release from Radical Women, FSP's sister organization, tells a story of defending Planned Parenthood.
June 10, 2018

Senate candidate Steve Hoffman: “All working people need a path forward”

In an in-depth interview, FSP contender for Congress Hoffman discusses his program and his aspirations for his campaign and the working class.
June 4, 2018