Hoffman campaign on the ballot

With 2,669 signatures turned in to the Washington Secretary of State, it's official!

Picket Against Bigotry, White Supremacy and Fascism

Stand up for Human Rights! Stand in opposition to Joey Gibson’s Patriot Prayer rally in Seattle on May 20.

Free Kadir Çınara’a and all political prisoners in Turkey

The Freedom Socialist Party in the U.S. and Australia demands that the Erdoğan government release labor leader and socialist Çinara’a, jailed in a sweep of 84 activists just before May Day.

Open Letter on the June 5 California Primary Election

Dear Friend, A year and a half into the Trump presidency, we’re witnessing the worst reversals in years for working

Palestine: Causes and Solutions to the Crisis

All support to the Palestinian People!
May 16, 2018

For Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month

Check out this video scrolling the names and faces of AAPI newsmakers, including FSP leader and poet Nellie Wong.

Revuelta en Nicaragua: nos oponemos a Daniel Ortega y respaldamos a los trabajadores

Los trabajadores de Nicaragua confiaban en que el régimen autoritario, a cargo de Daniel Ortega y la vicepresidente Rosario Murillo,
8 Mayo de 2018

Revolt in Nicaragua: We oppose the Ortega regime and stand with the workers

Statement by the Committee for Revolutionary International Regroupment defends the massive rebellion of workers and students in Nicaragua.
May 8, 2018

CRIR: We condemn the militarization of the Mexican and U.S. Borders

The Committee for Revolutionary International Regroupment calls on the presidents of both the U.S. and Mexico to solve the refugee crisis with humanity and justice.
May 3, 2018

May Day 2018 Greetings from FSP to Convergencia Socialista-La Verdad & Reagrupamiento Hacia el PST, Argentina

Paying respects to the struggles that gave birth to May Day 132 years ago in Chicago, Illinois.

FSP candidate Steve Hoffman discussing the “flavors” of socialism on Spokane public radio

Steve talks with the Inland Journal about what socialism would look like, why it has gotten a bad rap in the U.S., and what distinguishes the Freedom Socialist Party from Bernie Sanders.

The Freedom Foundation: every worker’s enemy

Hoffman for U.S. Senate campaign statement