The multinational corporations and the governments that caused the misery must pay for Haiti’s reconstruction!

In solidarity with the Haitian nation with respect to its sovereignty Este declaracion en español / This statement in Spanish
January 18, 2010

Open Letter to Walter Lippman of CubaNews Listserv

Walter Lippmann Editor, CubaNews listserv Los Angeles, California Dear Walter, You recently disseminated Dr. Susan Williams’ article “Cuba’s Fate: Balanced
December 4, 2009

Letter to Felipe de J. Pérez Cruz, Cuban Scholar and member of the Communist Party

Felipe de J. Pérez Cruz Cuba Dear Comrade Pérez Cruz, Thank you for writing to me regarding the article I
December 2, 2009

A revolutionary New Year’s greeting for 2010

Este declaracion en español / This statement in Spanish Warm greetings to the workers, fighters and poor of the world.
December 31, 2009

We Need Single Payer Now: Obama’s Failed Approach to Health Care Reform

When President Obama announced that health care reform would be a top priority of his presidency, there was a predictable
December 18, 2009

An Open Letter to Mexican President Felipe Calderón from the Freedom Socialist Party, U.S.

Presidente Felipe Calderón c/o Consulado General de México 27 East 39 Street New York, NY 10016 E-mail: Estimado Presidente
December 3, 2009

Party for Socialism and Liberation thanks FSP for supporting their NYC mayoral candidate

To the Freedom Socialist Party: The Party for Socialism and Liberation’s Frances Villar for Mayor Campaign would like to express
November 24, 2009

An Open Letter to Dr. Néstor García Iturbe from the Freedom Socialist Party, U.S.

Dr. Néstor García Iturbe Havana, Cuba Dear Dr. García Iturbe, In a recent article "A Thousand-faced Monster called the CIA,"
December 3, 2009

Mexican Electricians Union (SME) Calls for International Solidarity

Your Support to the Mexican Electricians Union is Decisive As you are aware, on October 10th the government of Felipe
November 24, 2009

Appeals Court upholds conviction of civil liberties attorney Lynne Stewart

A U.S. appeals court announced that it has upheld the conviction of movement attorney Lynne Stewart and instructed trial Judge
November 23, 2009

Stand in Solidarity with UPTE Workers, Students and Faculty at UC

Bravo to the University of California staff, faculty, students and community members who are picketing, rallying and demonstrating at UC
November 17, 2009

No good will come of US-brokered negotiations between Honduras President Zelaya and coup leader Micheletti

The day after this statement was issued by the Freedom Socialist Party, President Zelaya agreed to a power sharing agreement
October 29, 2009