Stonewall was a riot—now we need a revolution!

Triumph and trouble: it's strange times for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people. On one hand, the mobilization for same-sex
June 12, 2009

FSP May Day Greetings 2009

The Freedom Socialist Party, U.S. sends solidarity greetings to all working folk on this international workers' holiday rooted in the
May 2009

Photos of Honduran Police and Military Repression

The resistance to the coup in Honduras continues to grow day-by-day as more and more people take to the streets

In commemoration of Celia Hart (1963-2008)

The Freedom Socialist Party and Radical Women are deeply saddened to learn of the tragic deaths of Celia Hart Santamaría
September 10, 2008

Happy International Women’s Day from Radical Women!

Dear Friends, Around the world, International Women's Day is a time to commemorate the courageous battles by and for women.
March 8, 2009

Freedom Socialist Party Statement on Revolt in Iran

The Freedom Socialist Party stands in solidarity with the courageous Iranian youth, women, workers, trade unionists and intellectuals who took
June 30, 2009

Down with the Coup in Honduras

The Freedom Socialist Party joins the international labor movement in calling for the reinstatement of President Manuel Zelaya and the
July 6, 2009

Le féminisme et la crise du Parti socialiste britannique des travailleurs

Este declaracion en español / This statement in Spanish Cette déclaration en anglais / This statement in English Vers la

Feminism and the crisis in the British SWP

This 2013 statement discussing sexual violence and the importance of feminism in left groups takes on new resonance given events in ISO.

2015 statement by Miriam Padilla, whose cousin died in the Paris attacks

The trial of 20 suspects gets underway after six years of rising anti-immigrant, anti-Muslim sentiment and of harsh anti-democratic measures adopted in the name of fighting terrorism.
November 25, 2015

Oppressions: The Capitalist Connection and the Socialist Solution

I like the title of this conference,“Parallels and Intersections: Racism and Other Forms of Oppression.” It hints at what I