How you can support the Writers Guild strike

Writers striking in Los Angeles.
Photo: WGA.
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Join the Freedom Socialist Party in supporting the Writers Guild as they stand up against an industry that wants to turn them into gig workers and roll back decades of labor gains. We all have a stake in their ultimate victory and a role to play in helping them win.

March on the picket lines from 9am – 5pm Monday – Friday at these locations:
Amazon/Culver Studios: 9336 W. Washington Blvd, Culver City
CBS Radford: 4024 Radford Ave, Studio City
CBS Television City: 7800 Beverly Blvd, Los Angeles
Disney: 500 S Buena Vista St, Burbank
Fox: 10201 W Pico Blvd, Los Angeles
Netflix: 5800 Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles
Paramount: 5555 Melrose Ave, Los Angeles
Sony: 10202 Washington Blvd, Culver City
Universal: 100 Universal City Plaza, Universal City
Warner Bros.: 4000 Warner Blvd. Burbank

More Strike information here:

Sign the AFL-CIO petition here:

Donate to the Entertainment Community Fund to assist strikers with financial hardships:

Attend FSP’s special strike support meeting at 1:30pm on Sunday, May 21, at Solidarity Hall, 2122 W. Jefferson Blvd, L.A. 90018. Livestream available. Register at

More info:
Email or call 323-732-6416

Here are the issues:
On one side are the Hollywood studios, networks, streamers and hundreds of other motion picture and TV producers which make and/or distribute most content. They are represented in the talks by the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers.

On the other is the Writers Guild of America, which represents writers in Hollywood who are members, which most working scribes are. Supporting the WGA are many of the other powerful guilds and unions, including the SAG-AFTRA and the Directors Guild of America (DGA).

“The survival of writing as a profession is at stake in this negotiation,” the WGA said at the outset, noting that many members who previously made a good living are finding it much harder to do so these days. “Driven in large part by the shift to streaming, writers are finding their work devalued in every part of the business. While company profits have remained high and spending on content has grown, writers are falling behind,” the WGA said in a statement. “The companies have used the transition to streaming to cut writer pay and separate writing from production, worsening working conditions for series writers at all levels.” In its strike declaration on Monday night, the guild was more explicit, asserting that the AMPTP is essentially out to create “gig economy” work out of what once were full time careers:

“The companies’ behavior has created a gig economy inside a union workforce, and their immovable stance in this negotiation has betrayed a commitment to further devaluing the profession of writing. From their refusal to guarantee any level of weekly employment in episodic television, to the creation of a “day rate” in comedy variety, to their stonewalling on free work for screenwriters and on AI for all writers, they have closed the door on their labor force and opened the door to writing as an entirely freelance profession. No such deal could ever be contemplated by this membership.”
There is also the potentially-transformative impact of AI, and how it could be used to generate scripts.

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