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Radical Women and Veterans for Peace, Greater Seattle, Chapter 92 urge you to sign this ACLU petition demanding President Biden fulfill his campaign pledge and close the human rights disaster known as Guantánamo. 

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The petition calls on Biden to end indefinite military detentions and unconstitutional military commissions at Guantánamo, and shut the base down. It already has over 30,000 signers and seeks a goal of 50,000. Your assistance in promoting and sharing the petition could help achieve that goal.

While the petition itself is very basic, the act of gathering signatures offers a good opportunity to talk to people about the role of the U.S. government and additional actions that should be taken. Guantánamo Bay Prison is a symbol of the horrific U.S. military industrial complex that serves the mega-wealthy. The military facilitates the theft of oil and other precious resources around the globe and disregards the people living on those lands. The U.S. military also contributes a lot to accelerated global warming.

The U.S. base and prison on Guantánamo are natural offshoots of the imperialist goals of U.S. capitalism, which stops at nothing to achieve dominance. In a supposed chase after terrorists, the U.S. imprisoned many innocent people and subjected prisoners to intense mental and physical torture. Long-delayed trials were blatantly biased. Many prisoners who’ve been cleared of charges are still in custody.

We demand immediate, U.S.-funded medical and mental health attention to all prisoners as they transition to civilian life. These frail, aging prisoners deserve tremendous financial compensation for the wrongful shameful traumas inflicted on them by the US government. We demand that prisoners can be reunited immediately with families or supportive communities of their choice.

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In solidarity,
Meagan Murphy
Radical Women
• • •
James Williams
Veterans For Peace, Greater Seattle, Chapter 92
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