Stand up to fascist rally in Portland Sept. 26

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Demonstrating to preserve our right to fight for racial justice and social change in the interest of the working-class majority has become even more crucial following the appalling grand jury decision on Sept. 23 that let the police who murdered Breonna Taylor off the hook. All out against the far right in Portland on Sat., Sept. 26!

Dear friend,

As you may have heard, the ultra-right Proud Boys group has called a national rally for Portland, Oregon this Saturday, September 26 to “end antifa.” This white supremacist, anti-feminist, fascist gathering is a reaction to the protests against police brutality that have exploded in Portland, Seattle and around the country. Trump’s racist, sexist, anti-left vitriol encourages them.

The far-right Proud Boys work with fascists and have a history of harassing Black Lives Matters protesters, Muslims, Jewish people, immigrants, people of color, women, LGBTQ folks, abortion clinics, leftists and unionists, and the homeless. Under the guise of upholding “Western Values,” they promote bigotry and violence.

Unionists and community activists are mobilizing to say NO to the Proud Boys, NO to racism, and NO to fascism. Counter-demonstrators with diverse political affiliations and views are coming together to stand against the far-right and for the rich cultural and racial diversity in the Pacific Northwest.

Portland’s Labor for Black Lives/Labor Against Fascism’s event is here.

Freedom Socialist Party and Radical Women folks are meeting at 11am at the north west corner of Peninsula Park (the corner N. Rosa Parks Way and N. Albina Ave.) in Portland. Here’s a link to the park in Google maps.

For more info, please call 206-722-2453 or 503-516-2151.

To donate to the effort, visit our donate page or mail a check to FSP, 4710 University Way NE #100, Seattle, WA 98105.

Thank you for your support and help!

In solidarity,

Jordana Sardo
Portland FSP and RW

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